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'La Misma Luna' - Where's All The Music?

By June 27, 2008

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When La Misma Luna (Under The Same Moon) opened in theaters last March, it smashed the opening-weekend U.S. Record for a Spanish-language film. The story of Carlitos, a 9-year old boy who illegally crosses the Mexico-U.S border in order to be reunited with his mother, is pretty timely in a season when so much controversy surrounds the issue of illegal immigration. (The DVD was released on June 17th).

Personally, I loved the film. But whatever your own feelings are on this controversial issue - or on the merits of the film - it's tough to deny that we were treated to some great music.

Most notable was the cameo appearance of Los Tigres Del Norte. In the film, they give Carlitos & friend a lift and then serenade him with a sweet rendition of "Por Amor". But there's lots more music where that came from. The list of songs includes Banda La Cumbachera singing "Si Mi Ven Llorando", Los Telez with their "Cumbia Galactica", Los Ches with "Abusadora" and Anthony Santos' bachata "Medicina De Amor" and maybe ten other corridos and boleros. I think the high point was Kinky and their "Superman Es Ilegal", a song that humorously points out that Superman was also an illegal immigrant.

Unfortunately, the commercially available soundtrack is another matter.

The La Misma Luna soundtrack (March, 2008, Lakeshore Records) was written by Italian composer Carlo Siliotto and while I can't help wondering why a Latin composer wasn't used, the score is really quite lovely. The problem is that the soundtrack CD contains only Siliotto's music; none of the numbers that give the film so much musical color are part of the commerical offering. I found it disappointing that there was nowhere to go to reexperience the film's great music.

So, the bottom line is, if you liked Siliotto's sweeping score on its own, you're in luck. If you're interested in ALL of the music that played such a role in the film, you're going to have to read the tiny print in the credits and find each song, one by one.

Well, you can always watch the movie again. That's not a big hardship, either.


December 26, 2008 at 8:16 pm
(1) Cameron says:

Very frustrating as it is very difficult to find these songs. I would have bought the sountrack if it had Superman es Ilegal, and Por Amor.

April 8, 2009 at 1:05 pm
(2) Nate says:

There’s one song that plays as Carlitos and Enrique arrive in L.A. that goes something like,
“I can’t wait to see your face
When you see my old home town
When that breadbox touches down
But I can’t even find the lyrics anywhere on the net to even be able to find the song. I’m amazed no one has posted a list of all of the songs the filmmakers used anywhere yet. Do we really have to scan the credits?

September 1, 2009 at 8:08 pm
(3) girlwithflu says:

just watch the movie and I love the last song in the credits…
can anyone tell me what is the title of the song?
thank you so much

November 23, 2009 at 2:10 pm
(4) Mercedez says:

It’s called Un Par de Miradas by Miguel Inzunza. I love it too, but you can’t find it anywhere! I finally found it on youtube and I downloaded the video.

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