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Lawsuit Seeks Answers and Accountability on Jenni Rivera's Deadly Plane Crash

By January 4, 2013

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A lawsuit seeking to unveil the truth about Jenni Rivera's deadly plane crash has been filed in Chicago, Illinois by the law firm Ribbeck Law Chartered. The multi-million dollar lawsuit has been pushed by family members of Jenni Rivera's makeup artist Jacob Yebale who died in the accident alongside the Latin music superstar, Arturo Rivera, Jorge Sanchez, Mario Macias and two crew members.

Monica Kelly, Head of Global Aviation at Ribbeck Law, stated that "the family members of Jacob Yebale have taken the initial step to find out the real cause as to why the plane crashed. The family members want all of the responsible parties to be brought to justice." As a consequence of this lawsuit, all responsible parties will be brought to justice including the owner, the leasing company, the maintenance company, and Learjet, a division of Bombardier Aerospace, the company responsible or designing and manufacturing the aircraft.

According to Monica Kelly, this lawsuit seeks to punish the wrongful behavior of the companies involved in this tragedy. "These companies do not have feelings. They only understand dollars and cents. That is why we have to get a multi-million dollar award, to hurt them in their pockets, where it really hurts them, so they change the way they conduct business," added Kelly.

Since the tragic death of the Regional Mexican diva, there has been lots of speculation about the real causes behind the plane crash. The lawsuit filed by Ribbeck Law Chartered, a well established law firm with significant experience in litigation arising from aviation disasters and catastrophic events, will probably remove any remaining doubts about this tragic event. Jenni Rivera and the other six people on that plane deserve justice.

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January 6, 2013 at 9:34 am
(1) Marie martinez says:

Finally someone takes the initiative to force the truth regarding why the accident occured and how. Ineed they all deserve justice it’s more than the fame behind the victimised., Its the fact that they were human beings with loved ones who’s lives will never be the same:( God will help this case be solved and hopefully no one else will have to suffer this traggedy again.

April 3, 2013 at 12:14 am
(2) rosie G says:

Indeed someone was responsible for this death!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUSTICE… thats what these families and fans need !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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