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Alejandro Sanz - Artist Profile

Career Highlights and Top Music from The Latin Pop Superstar


Photo Courtesy Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

Alejandro Sanz

Photo Courtesy Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

Alejandro Sanz is one of the most popular stars of the Latin Pop genre. Throughout his prolific and successful career, this Spanish singer has sold over 22 million albums worldwide. Alejandro Sanz is also the Spanish artist who has gathered most Grammy awards, an achievement that includes 16 trophies from the Latin edition. The following is a general overview of the career and top music produced by one of the most beloved artists in Latin music.

Early Years

Alejandro Sanchez Pizarro was born in Madrid on December 18, 1968. Thanks to his father, a salesman from Andalusia who played the guitar, Alejandro Sanz fell in love with the instrument and Flamenco music. When he realized the discipline of Flamenco was too much for him, he decided to pursue a career as a Pop singer. Although he abandoned Flamenco, some of his most popular songs have been touched by this music style.

First Recordings

The career of Alejandro Sanz took off in 1993 with the release of his album Viviendo Deprisa. Thanks to songs like "Pisando Fuerte," "Toca Para Mi" and "Viviendo Deprisa," his debut work became the best-selling album of that year in Spain.

After this production, the talented singer and songwriter released the albums Si Tu Me Miras and Alejandro Sanz 3. With these works, the Spanish artist consolidated his own place as one of the most popular stars in his country.

Becoming a Superstar

In 1997, Alejandro Sanz released the album Mas. Thanks to the hit tracks "Y, ¿Si Fuera Ella?," "Corazon Partio" and "Amiga Mia," Alejandro Sanz captured international audiences like never before. The album sold over 5 million copies worldwide and provided Alejandro Sanz with an open field to become a Latin music superstar.

Alejandro Sanz seized the moment. Since the release of Mas, this charismatic artist has never stopped producing wonderful albums including titles like El Alma Al Aire, El Tren De Los Momentos and Paraiso Express. His fame has been enhaced by the various collaborations he has forged with artists like Ivete Sangalo, Tony Bennett and Joaquin Sabina. He recorded two of his most notorious tracks alongside Colombian superstar Shakira ("La Tortura") and R&B diva Alicia Keys ("Looking for Paradise").

Beyond Music

Alejandro Sanz has used his fame and popularity to make an impact on different projects that go beyond the music realm. In fact, he is very well known for his humanitarian work alongside organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, Save The Children and Greenpace, just to mention a few.

As one of today's most influential artists in Latin music, Alejandro Sanz has been honored with different prestigious awards such as the White House Vision Award, which acknowledged his humanitarian work, and the ASCAP Award for his overall contributions to Latin music.

All things considered, Alejandro Sanz is one of the most complete artists in the whole industry. His music and philanthropic work has transformed this Spanish singer into one of the most beloved artists in the Latin music world.

Alejandro Sanz - Best Songs


  • La Musica No Se Toca - 2012
  • Paraiso Express - 2009
  • El Tren De Los Momentos - 2006
  • Grandes Exitos - 2004
  • No Es Lo Mismo - 2003
  • MTV Unplugged - 2001
  • El Alma Al Aire - 2000
  • Mas - 1997
  • Alejandro Sanz 3 - 1995
  • Basico - 1994
  • Si Tu Me Miras - 1993
  • Viviendo Deprisa - 1991
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