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La Santa Cecilia - 'Treinta Dias' CD Review

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Photo Courtesy Universal Latino

La Santa Cecilia - 'Treinta Dias'

Photo Courtesy Universal Latino

Treinta Dias, the highly anticipated major-label debut album from the Latin Alternative band La Santa Cecilia is finally here. The following is an overview of this bilingual, 8-track CD, which includes the powerful song "ICE El Hielo" and the track "Losing Game," a really cool single featuring Elvis Costello. Let's take a look.

A Rich Sound

To a certain extent, the so-called Latin Alternative genre has come to define music that is not attach to labels. In other words, music that is almost impossible to categorize or group into a single style. This idea is certainly reinforced by this album.

Right from "Nuestra Señora La Reina De Los Angeles," the very first track on the list, Treinta Dias gives you a sound that is rich and diverse. In fact, this single offers a mystical intro to this production thanks to an eclectic combination where Gospel music meets a Mexican accordion and the wonderful voice of the band's lead singer La Marisoul.

From this track, all the way to the controversial song "ICE El Hielo," this band from Los Angeles treats you with a full spectrum of sounds that touches everything from Cumbia, Norteno and Bossa Nova to Rock, Soul and even Klezmer music. This amazing musical diversity is, indeed, a nice representation of the cultural diversity that surrounds La Santa Cecilia.

"Falling" and "Losing Game"

These two tracks are quite powerful. They kind of take you by surprise especially the first time you are listening to this album. In fact, they are responsible for injecting Treinta Dias with its unique Urban flavor. Besides that, the contrasting voices of Elvis Costello and La Marisoul in the single "Losing Game" sound just fantastic.

"ICE El Hielo"

Behind the delicate Bossa Nova arrangements that defined the melody of this song, La Santa Cecilia speaks up clear and loud about the whole drama surrounding immigration in the US. From its very own title, this track makes a connection with this issue by matching the word "ICE" with the actions carried out by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

"ICE El Hielo" offers a powerful narrative that focuses on the daily lives of illegal aliens who are trapped between their hopes for a better future and their fear of being deported. This is definitely the most powerful song in the entire CD.

'Treinta Dias' - Bottom Line

As far as new Latin music goes, I have to say Treinta Dias is one of this year's nicest surprises. This is one of those albums that you need to listen once or twice to fall in love with. Furthermore, you do not even need to be into Latin music to embrace this production. The full spectrum of sounds that define Treinta Dias place this album in the middle of the Latin Alternative and World music realms.

Apart from the wonderful sounds of tracks such as "Falling" or "Losing Game," Treinta Dias is an album with its own voice, which is significantly defined by the single "ICE El Hielo." That said, however, this album goes way beyond the immigration issue. It mirrors a bi-cultural, bilingual Latino generation that is combining in a very creative way the Urban sounds of the American society with the musical traditions from the Americas. A refreshing experience from beginning to end.

'Treinta Dias' - Best Tracks

Record Label: Universal Latino
Release Date: April 30, 2013
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