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Selena - 'Enamorada De Ti' CD Review

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Photo Courtesy Emi International

Selena 'Enamorada De Ti'

Photo Courtesy Emi International

Seventeen years after her tragic death, Latin music superstar Selena is back to the top of the music charts with her posthumous work Enamorada De Ti. Rather than being a compilation work, this 10-track CD brings the legendary Queen of Tejano Music back to life in a new, different way. The following is an overview of the music behind Selena's Enamorada De Ti.

The Duets

Thanks to modern technology, Enamorada De Ti is an album that pairs up Selena with some of today's most popular Latin music stars including Mexican singer Christian Castro, Latin Urban superstar Don Omar, singer and actress Selena Gomez, and Mexican singer Samo. Because of these duets, Enamorada De Ti is an album that reinforces the timeless appeal that Selena's music enjoys in the Latin world.

Out of all these duets, my favorite one (by far) is the performance that Selena and Christian Castro delivered in the song "Como La Flor". This is a fantastic Ranchera version of one of the most popular songs ever produced by the Mexican-American singer. The musical arrangements of this Bolero-Ranchero and the voices of the two singers are just fantastic in this song.

Besides the artists who sing alongside the voice of Selena, the album also features the famous Spanish producer and DJ Juan Magan who created a Merengue mix of the track "Enamorada De Ti".

A Combination of Latin Rhythms

Something nice about Enamorada De Ti is the range of different Latin music rhythms that are included on this production. Throughout the whole CD, you can listen to all kinds of Latin music beats including those of Bolero music ("No Me Queda Mas"), Ranchera ("Como La Flor"), Cumbia ("Techno Cumbia"), Reggaeton ("Fotos Y Recuerdo"), Latin Pop ("Amor Prohibido") and even some Merengue ("Enamorada De Ti").

Enamorada De Ti also includes the single "Ya No," a nice track featuring a Santana-like sound where you can hear some good electric guitar playing and a well defined Tropical beat in the background.

'Enamorada De Ti' - Bottom Line

I am not surprised to see the excitement Enamorada De Ti has generated among fans of Selena. I believe the biggest achievement of this production is the fact that it introduces a new sound to the music of the beloved Queen of Tejano Music. The album is, in fact, a very experimental project.

However, after all the compilations that have hit the market since Selena's death, I think this experiment was worth trying. Enamorada De Ti definitely reinforces the timeless appeal of Selena's music.

By the way, if you are just getting into Latin music, this album will provide you with a good opportunity to get familiar with the repertoire of one of the most famous stars in Latin music history. Because of the way it touches different Latin music genres, this album is also a nice option for those who want to get familiar with some of the most popular beats in Latin music.

'Enamorada De Ti' - Best Tracks

Record Label: Emi International
Release Date: April 3, 2012
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