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Shakira - "Live From Paris" CD + DVD Review

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Photo Courtesy Sony Music Latin

Shakira - 'Live From Paris'

Photo Courtesy Sony Music Latin

Live From Paris is the latest album by Colombian superstar Shakira. This production was released in three formats including an exclusive edition that includes a CD and a DVD. It was recorded at the Palais De Bercy in Paris during two concerts Shakira gave in that city while she was travelling the world with her Sale El Sol Tour.

A Solid Compilation

Live From Paris offers a nice overview of Shakira's musical career. It includes songs from her first albums in Spanish such as "Pienso En Ti" and "Ciega, Sordomuda" as well as her most famous hits in English language including tracks like "Whenever, Wherever," "Hips Don't Lie," "She Wolf" and "Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)".

Because of the selection of tracks it includes, Live From Paris offers a good look at Shakira's evolution as an artist. The songs also offer a nice variety of sounds ranging from romantic melodies like "Underneath Your Clothes" and "Je L'aime A Mourir " to the vibrant beats of tracks such as "Loca" and "La Tortura". In other words, the 21 tracks included in Live From Paris offer a solid compilation of Shakira's best repertoire.

Outstanding Performance

Whether you like Shakira's music or not, it is difficult to say anything against the talent she brings into the stage. Besides her sensual dancing, unique voice and great energy, you can tell from the images on the DVD she is a very professional artist who takes her job very seriously.

Being a live concert, this CD offers lots of jamming and improvisation. I like the hard Rock she brings into some of her melodies in the same way I like her acoustic style in the single "Gypsy" where she dances and plays the harmonica surrounded by musicians playing violin, accordion and even a Peruvian cajon.

Her performance of top songs like "Hips Don't Lie" and "Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)" is just plain fantastic. The energy in those songs is great and you can tell from the DVD that people just love what she is doing.

One of my favorite performances on this album is the song "Je L'aime A Mourir". She sings this song in such a delicate way that it is difficult not to love it. However, the best part of this song, which starts in Spanish, is Shakira's singing it in French. This says a lot about the kind of artist she is and how serious she takes her crowd.

Shakira is not the kind of artist who goes to Paris and says merci beaucoup thinking that she did her part with the crowd. She is different. She goes to the core of France to introduce her band in French and takes the risk to sing a song in that language in front of a crowd in Paris. That is one of the best sides of this artist, which helps her to take her shows to higher levels.

'Live From Paris' - Bottom Line

Overall, 'Live From Paris' is a very nice CD. The compilation on this album is as good as it gets for Shakira's repertoire. I wished there were more tracks from her first Spanish albums but this is an artist who has produced a lot of music for the past 15 years and this compilation covers in a good way her musical spectrum.

The DVD is also fantastic. Thanks to the high quality of the sound and the video, you can almost breath with the crowd the energy that surrounded Shakira's performance in Paris. This production offers a good overview of Shakira's musical career. If you like Shakira's music and want a good overview of her musical career, Live From Paris will please you. This production is a good point of reference to admire the career of one of the most influential Latin music artists in the entire world.

'Live From Paris' - Best Tracks

Record Label: Sony Music Latin
Release Date: December 5, 2011

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