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Tito El Bambino - 'Invicto' CD Review

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Photo Courtesy Universal Latino

Tito El Bambino - 'Invicto'

Photo Courtesy Universal Latino


Although Tito El Bambino released Invicto last year, this work has all the potential to become one of the most popular Latin music albums of 2013. Thanks to its eclectic musical fusion, Invicto is set to consolidate the career of one of today's most influential Latin Urban artists. Let's take a look at the music behind this refreshing album.


A Big Fusion


The first thing that hits you when you listen to Invicto is the diversity of sounds provided by the 14 tracks included in this album. In fact, the songs feature all kinds of beats. From Reggaeton ("Tu Olor," "Me Gustas" "Damelo" ), Dance music ("Me Fascinas," "Dame La Ola") and Latin Pop ("Alzo Mi Voz") to Merengue ("Llegaste Tu"), Salsa ("Dame La Ola," Salsa version) and even Bachata ("¿Que Ellos Pretenden?"), Invicto has it all.

Although each song is mostly defined by a specific beat, the most interesting thing about this album is the unique fusion that Tito El Bambino incorporated into this production. Because of this, Invicto is an album that can be easily treated as either a Urban, Tropical or even Pop production. In fact, it has been already treated like that by music charts all over the place including some of the lists of Billboard.

While this fusion is refreshing, I think some people may be a bit 'overwhelmed' by it. At times, you have the impression the Puerto Rican artist is trying to cover too much with this album. For instance, I have to confess I was a bit surprise to find a Bachata track on this album. That said, however, I prefer to embrace the positive things provided by a very nice combination of rhythms, sounds and styles.


"¿Por Que Les Mientes?"


One of the very best songs from this album is the popular hit "¿Por Que Les Mientes?," a nice track featuring Latin music superstar Marc Anthony. This single is also a good point of reference for the most attractive sound that Tito El Bambino delivered with this album.

In fact, "¿Por Que Les Mientes?" offers a very unique Tropical fusion that brings together a bit of Merengue, Cumbia and Vallenato vibes. The same kind of sound can be heard throughout this album in tunes like "Ahora No Se" and "Llegaste Tu." This fusion is by far one of my favorite things about Invicto.


Contemporary Urban Music


With this production, Tito El Bambino is reinforcing the eclectic sounds that define Latin Urban music today. By bringing a rich combination of sounds into this production, the Puerto Rican artist has joined in a decisive way superstars like Daddy Yankee, Don Omar and Wisin y Yandel in the never ending evolution of today's Urban field.


'Invicto' - Bottom Line


Tito El Bambino has delivered a nice album. Invicto not only consolidates the popularity of the Puerto Rican star but also the sounds of modern Latin Urban music. Besides featuring various genres on it, Invicto provides a pleasant fusion that seats in the middle of the Urban, Tropical and Pop fields.

Although Tito El Bambino maintains his Urban appeal with the Reggaeton beats that are featured in this album, Invicto may be disappointing for hadrcore Reggaeton fans. However, if you are moving with the flow that is shaping Latin Urban music nowadays, you will probably love this production.

'Invicto' - Best Tracks

Record Label: Universal Latino
Release Date: November 19, 2012


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