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Zacarias Ferreira - 'Quedate Conmigo' CD Review

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Photo Courtesy Mayimba Music Inc.

Zacarias Ferreira - 'Quedate Conmigo'

Photo Courtesy Mayimba Music Inc.

Zacarias Ferreira's 2011 hit album Quedate Conmigo has consolidated this artist as one of today's most popular Bachata artists. Thanks to singles such as "Me Sobran Las Palabras," "Quedate Conmigo" and "Lo Busque," this Dominican singer has further exposed traditional Bachata music to new audiences, particularly in the US. The following is an overview of one of the best works ever produced by Zacarias Ferreira.

Modern Dominican Music

Quedate Conmigo is first and foremost a traditional Bachata album. However, Zacarias Ferreira also incorporated into this production a couple of Merengue tracks such as "Si Yo Soy Tuyo," "Pensando En Ti" and the Merengue version of the single "Felicidades".

Because of this, Quedate Conmigo is also an album that provides you with a good opportunity to listen to the sounds of modern Dominican music. Likewise, Quedate Conmigo is a nice album to play in a Latin party. Bachata and Merengue fans will definitely hit the floor with the melodies of this production.

Bachata Hits

Although it is always nice to include a couple of Merengue tracks into a Bachata album, I think the Merengue songs of Quedate Conmigo represent the weakest part of this work. On the other hand, however, the Bachata singles on this album are great.

In particular, the songs "Quedate Conmigo" and "Me Sobran Las Palabras" are by far the best songs included in this album. Both of these songs offer a very pleasant sound provided by nice music arrangements, romantic lyrics and the sweet voice of a singer usually referred to as 'The Voice of Tenderness'.

Besides "Quedate Conmigo" and "Me Sobran Las Palabras," there are other Bachata songs that are very solid including titles such as "Lo Busque" and "Corazoncito Negro (Corre Mi Amor)".

'Quedate Conmigo' - Bottom Line

Quedate Conmigo is one of the best albums regarding traditional Bachata. Thanks to a selection of songs that capture the best sound of modern Bachata, this Dominican singer has transformed himself into one of the artists capable of challenging the current appeal of Urban Bachata stars like Prince Royce and Romeo Santos. If you are just getting into Bachata music, Quedate Conmigo is an album I highly recommend to listen to.

'Quedate Conmigo' - Best Tracks

Record Label: Mayimba Music, Inc.
Release Date: December 20, 2011
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