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Ana Tijoux - 'La Bala' CD Review

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Photo Courtesy Nacional Records

Ana Tijoux - 'La Bala'

Photo Courtesy Nacional Records

One of this year's most anticipated albums in the fields of Urban and Latin Alternative music is finally here. The name of this work is La Bala, the latest album by Chilean rapper Ana Tijoux. After listening to it, I really think Anita Tijoux met the expectations that had been created around this production. The Chilean artist was able to accomplish this thanks to the sounds and powerful lyrics that are included on this work. The following is the review of La Bala.

Diversity of Sounds

La Bala includes 11 tracks shaped by the sounds of Hip-Hop and the pleasant and versatile rapping flow of Ana Tijoux. She has, in fact, a very sweet and elegant voice that adds a unique level of sophistication to her Urban style. Although La Bala is clearly defined by a very specific style, the album offers a musical diversity that is the result of the full range of sounds and beats it incorporates.

For instance, while singles like "Sacar La Voz" (one of my very favorite tracks on this album) and "Mi Mitad" are shaped by soft melodies, other tracks such as "Si Te Preguntan" and "Las Cosas Por Su Nombre" provide a different sound where you can listen to the 'rough' side of Ana Tijoux's music. In fact, the song "Las Cosas Por Su Nombre" (Things By Their name) is the only track on this CD that brings some sort of reference to obscene language.

Social Dimension

One of the most interesting elements of this production is its social dimension. To this regard, there are several songs that speak up against social oppression and the political establishment. In particular, La Bala provides a voice to the recent protests organized by young Chileans who took the streets asking for a better access to education. In order to get a feeling for this, the following are some of the sentences that Anita Tijoux sings on this album:


  • 'Al son de un solo coro marcharemos con el tono, con la conviccion que basta de robo'
    At the sound of a single chorus we will march with the tone, with the conviction that enough theft is enough.
  • 'Tu estado de control, tu trono podrido de oro'
    Your state of control, your throne rotten by gold.
  • 'No permitiremos mas, mas tu doctrina del shock'
    We won't allow your doctrine of shock any longer.


  • 'Educarse para mi no es accesible, por mas que el comercial diga que es posible'
    Although the commercial says it is possible, education is not accessible to me.
  • 'Soy el ultimo eslabon de la piramide'
    I am the last link of the pyramid.

"Las Cosas Por Su Nombre"

  • 'Que tenga cuidado que se van a cerrar las puertas, pero seamos claros nunca estuvieron abiertas'
    That I should be careful because the doors are about to close, but let's be clear about it, they have never been opened.

'La Bala' - Bottom Line

Although I do not love every single song on this album, I think La Bala is definitely a solid work. The first fours tracks on this album are just perfect, and they alone make this album worth it. La Bala consolidates Ana Tijoux as one of the most interesting artists to follow in the fields of Urban and Latin Alternative music. The sounds, lyrics and Tijoux's elegant flow are responsible for making of this CD a very enjoyable production from beginning to end.

'La Bala' - Best Tracks

Record Label: Nacional Records
Release Date: January 31, 2012
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