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Luis Fonsi Biography


Luis Fonsi Biography

Luis Fonsi

  • Born: April 15, 1978
  • Trivia: Luis Fonsi's middle name 'Alfonso' was shortened to Fonsi, a childhood nickname that he now uses professionally.

Luis Fonsi - Early Days:

Luis Fonsi (Luis Alfonso Rodiguez) was born to parents Alfonso and Delia Rodriguez. Fonsi started singing at 6 years of age with the Coro de los NInos de San Juan. His musical aspirations started early and his dream was to sing with one of the popular boy bands of the time, with an eye towards gaining a place with the most popular boy group, Menudo.

When Fonsi was ten years old, these hopes were dashed when the family moved to Orlando, Florida. Fonsi continued to sing in high school by performing as part of an a cappella group that was called ‘The Big Boys’ and included future N’Sync singer Joey Fatone.

Luis Fonsi attended Florida State University where he studied music and voice. He made some demo tapes in English, switched to Spanish, and eventually, while still in college, was offered a record contract with Universal Latino.

First Albums:

His debut album was 1998’s Comenzare which did well for a debut album, peaking at #27 on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums and earning Fonsi a nomination as Billboard’s ‘Best New Artist of the Year.’

Eterno was released in 2000 and Fonsi tried his hand at songwriting with the track “Mi Sueno.” Eterno also created a fan base for Fonsi in Spain. Amor Secreto was released in 2002 and went gold in the U.S. the day that it was released.

Fonsi next went after the crossover market with his fourth album, the English-language Fight The Feeling. Also released in 2002,the same year as Amor Secreto, the album just didn’t catch on in the U.S. market had sales were disappointing. Fonsi went back to Spanish-language songs with his next album, 2003's Abrazar La Vida.

Luis Fonsi & Adamari Lopez:

In 2004, Luis Fonsi had been dating Adamari Lopez, a Puerto Rican soap opera actress and the relationship was getting serious. Fonsi was focused on touring and promotion for Abrazar La Vida and starting to think about his next album, which ultimately became Paso a Paso. Fonsi wanted to shake things up musically with Paso; he hired Sebastian Krys to produce the new album, liking what he had seen when Krys worked with Carlos Vives and Obie Bermudez.

In the midst of all this activity, Adamari Lopez was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fonsi cancelled his touring activities to stand by her side during this difficult period.

Paso A Paso was released in 2005 and for the first time a Fonsi album received critical acclaim while the lead single, "Nada Es Para Siempre" was a run-away hit with the public.

Meanwhile, Lopez had successfully completed her treatments and the couple was married on June 3, 2006.

'Palabras del Silencio':

Luis Fonsi's seventh album, Palabras del Silencio was released in August, 2008. By this time Fonsi was spending as much time writing songs as singing them; he is credited with composing or co-authoring all 12 songs on the album. Hailed by critics and fans alike, the album spawned three chart topping singles: "No Me Doy Por Vencido,""Aqui Estoy Yo" and "Llueve Por Dentro."

Palabras was the year's runaway bestseller and Fonsi/Palabras have subsequently been nominated for numerous awards including a record breaking 13 nominations/10 wins at the 2009 Premios Juventud Awards.

Through talent, hard work and vision, Luis Fonsi has risen to the ranks of one of the most popular Latin pop music stars of the decade.

Check out Luis Fonsi's albums by viewing Luis Fonsi's discography.

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