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Plena Libre Future Projects


How about future plans? Do you have any new albums in the works?

Well, we haven’t decided what we’re going to do this year; probably this month we have to decide whether we’re going to record a new album. We have the material, a couple of things here, a couple of things there, so we have 6 or 7 new tunes for an album. We have to make a marketing decision – that’s the way they call it, you know the people that don’t play any music?

I guess we have several options. One of the things I want to do is a live recording, which we haven’t done. The other project that is close to my heart is I want to record with a symphony orchestra. So, we have to make a decision about this year. If we don’t record this year, we’ll probably be going to the studio early next year. And get a new record out.

But we’ve done a lot of recordings. I tell people, Plena Libre has 12 recordings and they say , what? I like to record. I like to go into the studio. I should have been born in the 40s. Maybe in the 20s, so I would be able to record as much as I want. In those times, they would record 2 or 3 albums a year. They just went into the studio and put the tracks down. And I’d be more than happy to do that.

But that’s not a good marketing decision?

Well, I don’t play reggaeton, so I don’t have to worry about it. Emilio Estefan is not looking my way.

But he should be!

Yes, he should be. I more than agree with you! Maybe you want to talk him into that. If he wants to put a couple of beautiful girls dancing on the side, it’s OK with me! I ‘ll have a lot of fun, too.

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