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Latin Music 101 - The Basics

Learn about Latin Music and the countries, rhythms and dances you like best. Discover new types of music you might like even better.
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Latin Music 101
A selection of articles that will introduce you to the main concepts, genres and artists surrounding Latin music.

What Is Latin Music?
Featuring a dictionary-style definition of Latin music.

Introduction to Latin Music
Latin Music Basics introduction

Top 10 Essential Latin Music Artists
Featuring the top 10 most influential Latin music artists in history. Celia Cruz, Julio Iglesias, Carlos Gardel, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and more.

Latin Music History
A look at the cultural mix and social environment that produced Latin Music.

Essential Latin Music Albums
Featuring some of the most essential albums ever produced in Latin music.

Essential Latin Music Genres
An overview of today's most popular genres, rhythms and styles in Latin music.

Top 10 Latin Songs of All Time
A compilation of classic Latin hits featuring songs such as "The Girl From Ipanema," "Besame Mucho" and "La Bamba".

Latin Music Songs for Beginners
Featuring a playlist that will help you to match Latin music songs with your musical preferences.

Traditional Latin American Music
A look at some of the most influential styles and rhythms of Traditional Latin American music.

Latin Music Artist – A Definition
Overview of the elements that define a Latin music artist.

Famous Families in Latin Music
A list featuring some of the most famous dynasties in Latin music.

Latin Music for Kids
A playlist of Latin music songs in Spanish and Portuguese for children.

Famous Latino Singers and Artists
Offering a list with some of the most influential Latino artists in history. Includes artist such as Selena, Carlos Santana, Tito Puente, and Gloria Estefan.

Top Bilingual Artists in Latin Music
Featuring a list of Latin music singers who are fully fluent in English and Spanish.

Famous Birthdays in Latin Music
A calendar featuring some of the most famous birthdays in Latin music.

Latin Music and Society
A look at the relation between Latin music and issues of identity, race and poverty.

Latin Music and Politics
A selection of songs dealing with politics in Latin America.

Clave: The Heartbeat of Salsa
Clave is more than just two sticks you hit together to get that Latin Salsa sound. It's also the heart and soul of what makes the music unique.

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