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Carlos Vives - 'Corazon Profundo' CD Review

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Photo Courtesy Sony Music Latin

Carlos Vives - 'Corazon Profundo'

Photo Courtesy Sony Music Latin

After nearly one decade since his last international release, the popular Vallenato singer Carlos Vives is back with Corazon Profundo, one of this year's most highly anticipated Latin music albums. The following is an overview of the music that Carlos Vives incorporated into this production.

"Volvi A Nacer"

Last year, Carlos Vives gave us a a taste of Corazon Profundo with the release of "Volvi A Nacer," a single whose successful debut marked one of the strongest comebacks in Latin music. This romantic song is not only one of the best tracks from Corazon Profundo but also the most meaningful one in terms of the music career of Carlos Vives. As its title suggest, "Volvi A Nacer" (Born Again) symbolizes a new chapter in the professional life of one of the most influential Colombian artists.

Musically speaking, "Volvi A Nacer" bears the unique style that Carlos Vives has used in some of his most famous songs including tracks such as "Dejame Entrar" and "Carito." It is easy to note this is the most special song in the whole album.

"Como Le Gusta A Tu Cuerpo"

After the romantic notes of "Volvi A Nacer," Corazon Profundo will get you on your feet with the catchy sounds of "Como Le Gusta A Tu Cuerpo," a single featuring Brazilian Sertaneja singer Michel Telo. If you are into mainstream sounds, you will probably love this track as much as all the people who have taken this single to the top of the charts.

In spite of that popularity, I have to say "Como Le Gusta A Tu Cuerpo" is one of my less favorite tracks in the whole album. Musically speaking, there is nothing creative or original about this song. In my opinion, this track is way too commercial and oversimple, and I do not see anything interesting coming from the collaboration of the two stars.

"Como Le Gusta A Tu Cuerpo" is not the only song featuring this kind of commercial sound. Even though Carlos Vives has highlighted "Amanecer" as one of the tracks to listen to in this album, I think this song is also way too commercial. That said, however, I would not be surprised to see this single on top of the charts in the near future.

Romantic Tropipop

Overall, Corazon Profundo is a very romantic album, and I think the best sound of it comes from those tracks that are defined by a romantic Tropipop style, which in this case is closer to Pop and Rock than Vallenato, something that does not disrupt by any means the natural style of the Colombian singer.

Besides "Volvi A Nacer," songs such as "Bailar Contigo," "Corazon Profundo" and "La Foto De Los Dos" are some of the best tracks included in Corazon Profundo. Whether is the electric guitar in the intro of "Bailar Contigo" or the notes of the gaita flute in "Corazon Profundo," these songs have well-crafted arrangements and nice lyrics.

A Tribute to Cartagena and Santa Marta

Carlos Vives took advantage of this album to pay his own tribute to the Colombian cities of Cartagena and Santa Marta. While the exhilarating beats of "La Fantastica" celebrates the city of Cartagena and its Champeta, a traditional rhythm from the gorgeous city in the Atlantic Coast, "La Perla" is a more delicate tune honoring the city of Santa Marta, Carlos Vives' hometown. Overall, a nice tribute.

'Corazon Profundo' - Bottom Line

It is definitely nice to have Carlos Vives back. However, I have to say Corazon Profundo has left me with mixed feelings. While I like the romantic vibes in this album and the more traditional sound of tracks like "Hoy Me Desperte En Otro Lugar," I really did not enjoy some of the commercial stuff that Carlos Vives added here.

Somehow, I see this comeback album as an undefined production whose goal is not quite clear. Sometimes, it is like 'I'm back with the same sound' ("Volvi A Nacer"), sometimes it is like 'I'm back with a more romantic style' ("Bailar Contigo," "La Foto De Los Dos"), and sometimes it is like 'I'm back and ready for the party' ("Como Le Gusta A Tu Cuerpo," "Amanecer).

In spite of this, Corazon Profundo is not a bad album. There are several songs that are nice especially the romantic tunes I previously mentioned. I believe this more mature sound is the one that Carlos Vives should try to embrace as the mature artist he is now. While I am celebrating Carlos Vives' comeback, I am a bit disappointed for not seeing any signs of musical evolution in this album.

'Corazon Profundo' - Best Tracks

Record Label: Sony Music Latin
Release Date: April 23, 2013
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