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Prince Royce – ‘Prince Royce’ CD Review

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Photo Courtesy of Top Stop Music

'Prince Royce'

Photo Courtesy of Top Stop Music

The album Prince Royce has consolidated this Dominican American singer as today's most promising star of the Bachata genre. Even if you are not into Bachata music, it is difficult not to enjoy this refreshing production. Prince Royce is an album that could easily marked a new direction for this popular Latin music genre.

A Refreshing Bachata Style

Above all, Prince Royce is a refreshing musical experience. This CD gives Bachata a new international exposure thanks to the talent of a bilingual artist who knows how to mix the traditional sounds of Bachata with the different styles that marked his early years in the Bronx.

In this album, Prince Royce brings the best of his artistic talent as a singer and composer. In fact, he wrote nine of the ten tracks included in this musical production that combines Bachata with R&B and Pop sounds. Thanks to this cross-over and the incorporation of English lyrics, Prince Royce is an album that has exposed Bachata to new audiences around the world.

“Stand By Me”

Prince Royce marked its first solo album with innovation. The single "Stand By Me" is probably the clearer evidence of the innovative approach Prince Royce incorporated into this CD. His apparently risky move of bringing a classic Soul hit into the Bachata realm paid so well that Royce's "Stand By Me" version became the first Bachata song ever played in Pop and R&B radio stations around the US.

Besides "Stand By Me," the album also includes the popular hit "Corazon Sin Cara," which has topped tropical charts around the world. "Corazon Sin Cara," a single that remains loyal to the original Bachata sound, is probably the best song on the entire CD because of the way it enhances Prince Royce's voice and style. Prince Royce's affinity to Latin Urban music is seen in the singles "Crazy" and "Rock The Pants." The album's lat track offers a dance version of his "Stan By Me" interpretation.

‘Prince Royce’ – Bottom Line

From beginning to end, Prince Royce is a very enjoyable album. This musical production is both refreshing and innovative. It injects Bachata with a cross-over style that, nevertheless, preserves the essence of the rhythm. A nice work filled with tracks that have dominated music charts across the Latin music world. No wonder why Prince Royce is, in fact, one of the most popular Latin music albums of 2011.

‘Prince Royce’ – Best Tracks

  • "Stand By Me"
  • "Corazon Sin Cara"
  • "Su Hombre Soy Yo"
  • "Rechazame"
  • "El Amor Que Perdimos"
Record Label: Top Stop Music
Release Date: March 4, 2010
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