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Review: Los Lonely Boys - Cottonfields and Crossroads

Portrait of a Mexican American Family

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Los Lonely Boys

Los Lonely Boys Cottonfields and Crossroads

Courtesy Xenon Pictures

Los Lonely Boys Cottonfields and Crossroads is a documentary film about Los Lonely Boys, Tex-Mex blues-rockers from San Angelo, Texas. The 'Cottonfields' part of the title refers to the San Angelo fields where the newly arrived Mexican family picked cotton to support the family. The 'Crossroads" part refers to the many roads taken by the musically adventurous family as they moved from club to club, town to town in an effort to get their music heard.

The Story Line

The story starts with the early family moving from Mexico to San Angelo. From there, a profile of San Angelo depicts the town, then and now, as a background against which the Garza brothers grew both as people and as musicians.

The film then moves on to a portrait of the boys with their father, Ringo Garza, Sr., a musician who first put instruments into their hands and fostered in his sons both a love of music and performance, as they sang back-up with their dad from an early age.

Garza, Sr. moves his sons to Nashville in order to persue his dreams of becoming a country western star. They left behind their mother, sisters and extended family. That first familial break is echoed in the second, as Henry, Jojo and Ringo, Jr. decide to break off and play their own brand of music.

From there, Los Lonely Boys (their name comes from a song their father wrote and sang to them) find success via a record contract, their first album, a Grammy win in 2005 and a subsequent nomination in 2007.

Los Lonely Boys Cottonfields and Crossroads ends with the Garza brothers coming back home to San Angelo, richer by 30 acres of land by the river, reunited with their family, known by the world and looking forward to blue skies and more great music.

Los Lonely Boys Music

Los Lonely Boys' music is often called Tex-Mex or rock-en-espagnol, but it is really much more textured than those labels imply. Heavily laden with blues, guitar stylings remeniscent of Santana and R&B, echoes of the conjunto style music they grew up with and a blatant love of rock all inform a sound that is uniquely their own.

The documentary has lots of live footage of Los Lonely Boys in concert and they stand out as some of the films best moments. The DVD also contains 2 bonus film clips. The first is a performance of "Senorita", the second of "Heaven", both from their 2003 album Los Lonely Boys.

The Bottom Line

Heartwarming, sincere and honest, this documentary is filled with great music and great feeling. It's a story that most of us love to hear, and we get to hear it with a background of compelling music.

Los Lonely Boys released Sacred, their second major album last year. Here's an opportunity to listen to a great band with an original, exciting style.

Forgiven (2008)
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Sacred (2006)
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Los Lonely Boys (2003)
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