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Shakira - 'Sale El Sol' CD Review

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Shakira - 'Sale El Sol' CD Review

'Sale El Sol'

Photo Courtesy Sony U.S. Latin

From its release date, Sale El Sol has captured audiences around the world. This album, which is heavily influenced by Merengue and Rock sounds, includes the hit songs "Loca" and "Waka-Waka (This Time for Africa)". With Sale El Sol, Shakira continues to show her never ending innovative style giving us an indication of her artistic evolution and current musical interests.

Shakira’s Personal Feelings

Shakira's Sale El Sol owes its name to the artist's personal feelings in 2010. A positive year where, according to Shakira, she sort of rediscovered her inner soul putting in perspective everything she has accomplished with her musical career. Shakira has expressed her album is both honest and transparent being the result of her continuous commitment to the millions of fans she has gathered around the globe.

Merengue and Rock Influences

The Colombian superstar has openly said that this album is a sort of trip back to her beginnings with Pies Descalzos and Donde Estan Los Ladrones. However, it is difficult to fully appreciate that because this work is not exactly like her first Spanish albums. In fact, Sale El Sol is mainly shaped by sounds that were totally absent from Pies Descalzos and Donde Estan Los Ladrones.

The album, however, offers an interesting mix of Merengue, Rock and Electronic sounds perfectly accommodated into a diverse range of songs. While "Loca" and "Addicted To You" fall into the Merengue side, "Mariposas," "Sale El Sol," and "Tu Boca" fall into the Rock corner. Besides this, and the "Waka-Waka (This Time For Africa)" song, the album also includes a series of soft singles that add to the variety of this production.

The “Loca” Hit

"Loca," the first single released from this album after the "Waka-Waka (This Time For Africa)" song, brought Sale El Sol to the top of the charts in many countries. This hit became even bigger with the irreverent video Shakira shot in Barcelona. The song, which is heavily influenced by Merengue, has a catchy and vibrant vibe that makes it a perfect song for a party night. "Loca" is the result of Shakira's work with El Cata, a Merengue artist from the Dominican Republic, and British rapper Dizzee Rascal who takes charge of the song in the middle part.

‘Sale El Sol’ – Bottom Line

Overall, Sale El Sol is an enjoyable album to listen to. Whether you are in a party or relaxing mood, this album offers you both. Without being her best work, Sale El Sol shows again why Shakira is one of the top Latin Pop artists in the world.

'Sale El Sol' - Best Tracks

  • "Sale El Sol"
  • "Loca"
  • "Mariposas"
  • "Tu Boca"
  • "Waka-Waka (This Time For Africa)"

Record Label: Sony U.S. Latin
Release Date: October 19, 2010

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