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Review: Alejandro Fernandez - 'Dos Mundos'

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Alejandro Fernandez - Dos Mundos

Alejandro Fernandez - Dos Mundos


The Bottom Line

Dos Mundos is Alejandro Fernandez' tour-de-force performance as he tackles both Mexican ranchera and pop and releases an album of each successfully and simultaneously. Unlike other artists who do the two-for-one trick, each CD contains a totally different track list and each is stylistically true to its genre. You'll probably prefer the album that reflects your own musical tastes, but you can get both in the dual-disc Dos Mundos package.

Dos Mundos Evolucion Listen /Download /Purchase
Dos Mundos Tradicion Listen /Download /Purchase

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  • Smooth, heartfelt, lyrically interesting pop on Dos Mundos Evolucion
  • Mix of popular ranchera, Mexican country penned by Joan Sebastian on Dos Mundos Tradicion


  • None


  • Dos Mundos Tradicion contains 11 tracks of ranchera
  • Dos Mundos Evolucion contains 11 tracks of Latin pop
  • Dos Mundos is dual-disc bundle containing both albums
  • Released December 2009 by Universal Music Latino (Evolucion), Fonovisa (Tradicion)

Guide Review - Review: Alejandro Fernandez - 'Dos Mundos'

Alejandro Fernandez has pulled off quite a feat. He has simultaneously released two studio albums, in two different genres/styles, with two different producers and a completely different track list for each. And, even more unlikely, both albums are terrific.

Dos Mundos means ‘two worlds’ and the worlds are that of Latin pop (Dos Mundos Evolucion) and ranchera (Dos Mundos Tradicion). The packaging options offer either Evolucion or Tradicion or simply Dos Mundos, a two CD bundle that includes both.

Fernandez has a wonderful voice which has only gotten stronger and more resonant over the years. But that voice, while very effective for pop music, is quite different than the lusty, powerful, made-for-dramatic-ranchera voice of father Vicente Fernandez. It must be a temptation to imitate Dad’s style, especially when singing in that manner originally made the family fortune.

Alejandro Fernandez, thankfully, resists the temptation on Dos Mundos Tradicion. Instead, while he plays around stylistically, varying from a rough country style (“Una Nalgadas,” “La Seven”) to a smoother style on flamenco-accented “Pecadora” and the bolero “Me Dueles,” he retains a vocal integrity that is all his own, never going for all-out bravura, but still remaining effective. The album’s 11 tracks consist of boleros, traditional ranchera and a few numbers that could be called Mexican country. It’s a good mix, expertly executed.

Dos Mundos Evolucion is the pop album and this is where Fernandez really shines. Ballads are his forte and this album is primarily about ballads. It also proves that all ballads don’t sound alike. Sure, there are some standard cry-in-your-soup tunes like “Cuando Digo Tu Nombre” but then “Tu Amor Perdi” surprises the listener with traditional Mexican falsetto while “Dibujando Un Corazon” incorporates drums and accordions in a cumbia-style accompaniment. “Imagina” is that big, driving, no-time-for-a-breath ballad while the first hit single, “Se Me Va La Voz” is more a rock ballad with heartfelt lyrics.

Vibrant with emotion without going over-the-top, Fernandez pop style is smooth, classic and satisfying. Depending on which genre of music you prefer, you’ll probably like one album better than the other. I prefer whichever album I heard last.

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