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Music Review: Anais - Asi Soy Yo

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Music Review: Anais - Asi Soy Yo

Anais - Asi Soy Yo

Courtesy Univision Records

The Bottom Line

Anais' debut album has something for everyone. With a selection of tracks that include ballads, reggaeton, salsa, Duranguense and techno, this dynamic Dominican artist belts her way through a wide range of styles with the help of Sergio George and guest artists Voltio, Bimbo, La Sister and Alacranes Musical.

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  • "Atrapada" remix with Bimbo
  • DVD film clip of Anais winning "Objetivo Fama"


  • Some sound variation between CD & DVD (DVD is better)


  • Both single CD and CD/DVD set available
  • Guest artists include Voltio, Bimbo, La Sister, Alacranes Musical
  • Released by Univision Records

Guide Review - Music Review: Anais - Asi Soy Yo

The winner of the TeleFutura Network's popular talent contest/reality show Objetivo Fama receives a contract to record an album with Univision Records. Anais Martinez won the second annual event, and, with the help of Sergio George, recorded Asi Soy Yo. This may be her debut album, but I'd bet it won't be her last.

The CD contains 10 original tracks, including "Lo Que Son Las Cosas", a ballad made famous by Ednita Nazario and the single that has sizzled on Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks. Bonus tracks include four more versions: a salsa and techno version, a reggaeton version with Voltio and Duraguense style with Alacranes Musical. The infectious, up-beat "Atrapada" has two version, the second a remix with hip-hop artist Bimbo (which I like better). "Estoy Con El Y Pienso En Ti" is another ballad with both a reggaeton and salsa version in bonus tracks.

Anais has a strong, gutsy voice, a little more impressive in the reggaeton/salsa numbers than in the ballads. But where she really shines is in the DVD. With a strong presence, sexy moves and dynamic vocals, the total package is pretty compelling. Its easy to see why the audience declared her the winner.

I noticed that the sound quality was a little better on the DVD than on the CD. Coupled with her great visuals, spend the extra $ and get the dual-disc version.

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