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Review: Eva Ayllon - Kimba Fa'

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Eva Ayllon - Kimba Fa'

Eva Ayllon - Kimba Fa'

Four Quarters Entertainment

The Bottom Line

Eva Ayllon is probably the most recognizable name in Peruvian music so fans will be eager to grab Kimba Fa', her first album in five years. Rich, stylistically diverse with a nice mix of ballads and hotter, danceable numbers, there's no doubt that Ayllon remains the 'Queen of Peruvian Music.'

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  • A cross-section of some of the most interesting Peruvian music


  • None


  • 17 tracks of Peruvian music sung by a master
  • Mixture of styles and rhythms from various Peruvian traditions
  • Released March 2009 by Four Quarters Entertainment

Guide Review - Review: Eva Ayllon - Kimba Fa'

Eva Ayllon is arguably the best known voice in contemporary Peruvian music, both in her native country and as the music’s ambassador to the outside world. Kimba Fa’ is her first studio album in five years; if you’re already a fan of Peru’s dynamic diva, it’s an album you’ve been waiting for. For those less familiar with Ayllon or with Peruvian music in general, this new album is a terrific introduction to music that is stunning in its diversity of styles and rhythms, music performed by the Peruvian voice of our time.

Ayllon is generally known for singing two types of music: Peru’s 'musica criolla' (Creole music) that comes from the multiethnic culture of Peru’s coast and the Afro-Peruvian rhythms that are often referred to as the music of Black Peru.

From the repertoire of musica criolla, Kimba Fa’ offers the 'lando,' a syncopated, sensual ballad and the sad, romantic and passionate 'vals.' Then there’s a number of Afro-Peruvian numbers, most notably the ‘festejo’, a rhythmic riot of sound and percussion.

Eva Ayllon has a voice that warrants her fame: rich, sometimes rough, colorful, passionate, playful, sensual - Ayllon’s singing quickly brings you to the heart of a song and keeps you bound until the last note. Ayllon receives able help from Luis Manrique on guitar and pianist Moises Lamas plus a first-class percussion section led by Peru Negro’s Campos brothers.

The album also contains a tasty, danceable salsa number, “Animo y Aliento” plus two tracks from the DVD Eva Live from Hollywood that includes a really smoking version of the Peruvian standard “Toro Mata.”

Kimba Fa’ is an energetic, colorful palette of styles and rhythms that you’ll want to play over and over again.

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