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CD Review: Conjunto Primavera - Algo De Mi

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


CD Review: Conjunto Primavera - Algo De Mi

Conjunto Primavera - Algo De Mi

Courtesy Fonovisa

The Bottom Line

Conjunto Primavera's Algo De Mi is another solid offering from the prolific and popular Norteno band. Not a lot of surprises, just solid music with their trademark romantic twist. The album contains the hit single by the same name.

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  • Another solid offering by ever popular Conjunto Primavera.


  • Predictable, not much new, not much risk


  • 10 tracks of norteno/romantic music
  • Contains hit single "Algo De Mi"
  • Released by Fonovisa Inc.

Guide Review - CD Review: Conjunto Primavera - Algo De Mi

Conjunto Primavera started their group 27 years ago in Chihuahua, Mexico. Since then, they've recorded 1+ albums a year and now bring us their 33rd album, Algo De Mi. It can't be easy to keep those hits coming year after year, especially since their special brand of music combines norteno / conjunto traditional instrumentation (bajosexto, accordion, bass and drums) with romantic ballads, a combination that is less often found in the genre.

Of course, its easier to do when you collaborate with some really fine composers writing numbers especially for you. On this album, their break out single, "Aldo De Mi" was composed by Monterrey, Mexico native Osvaldo Villareal and tells a story about what happens at the end of a relationship.

The recording is graced with the rich voice of Tony Melendez and expressful saxaphone by Juan Dominguez. Driving polkas and lilting waltzes are perfect for dancing. "Te Necessito" and "No Se Decirte Adios" add a distinctive pop flavor, with the latter adding some untypical orchestral string background.

If you are one of the many misguided music listeners that think accordion music is unsophisticated and 'Lady of Spain'-ish, be sure to listen to "Dejame Decirte" where accordionist/keyboardist Felix Contreras works his fingers to the bone playing a brilliant counterpoint to the melody.

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