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CD Review - Del Castillo - Brotherhood

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


CD Review - Del Castillo - Brotherhood

Del Castillo - Brotherhood

Courtesy Smilin' Castle Records

The Bottom Line

Austin-based Del Castillo's third album, Brotherhood bursts on the senses with an exuberent flamenco-rock fusion. Delivering a disc full of electric, compelling tracks and demonstrating a commanding musical virtuosity, this is the musical soundtrack for the 21st-century western daydream.


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  • Virtuoso string guitar performances
  • "Perdoname"'s lovely vocal harmonies
  • "I Never Cared For You" with Willie Nelson


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  • 14 tracks of dynamic flamenco-rock fusion
  • Guest artist: Willie Nelson
  • Produced by Rick & Mark Del Castillo, Carl Thiel
  • Released on Smilin' Catle Records

Guide Review - CD Review - Del Castillo - Brotherhood

Rick and Mark del Castillo formed 'Del Castillo' in 2001. The brothers, both accomplished guitarists, envisioned a flamenco-style project that they could do together. They were soon joined by Alex Ruiz on vocals and author of many of the heartfelt lyrics, Albert Besteiro on bass, Rick Holeman on percussion and vocals and Mike Zeoli on drums.

Del Castillo quickly caught the imagination of Austin's musical community and the admiration of such luminaries as Willie Nelson, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, performing on the soundtracks of Once Upon a Time in Mexico and Kill Bill Vol.2.

Brotherhood is their third album and is an exciting collection of tracks that demonstrate exceptional guitar virtuosity and vocals in both Spanish and English. The opening song, "Arena al Viento" echos with the sound of Granada’s gypsy grottos, in both the instrumental and vocal stylings. Fused with rock, the track is a whirlwind of sound.

“Quiereme” and “Perdoname” are ballads with scrumptious vocal harmonies; “Maria” (why are all the great songs about Maria?) is a more upbeat ballad accompanied by a strong rhythm section and castanets. “I Never Cared For You” includes guest vocalist Willie Nelson (who also wrote the song).

This is such a musically satisfying album. I love roadtrips, and Brotherhood is going to be at the top of the list of special, charged, driving music I'm taking along on the next one.

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