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CD Review: Fonseca - Corazon

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Fonseca - Corazon

Fonseca - Corazon

Courtesy EMI Latin

The Bottom Line

Colombian Juan Fernando Fonseca, who goes by his surname 'Fonseca' mixes vallenato / cumbia with his own unique brand of Latin pop. While this fusion has been wonderfully done in the past by fellow countryman Carlos Vives, Fonseca brings his own brand of musical sensibility to the fusion and the combination of vallenato's charm, Fonseca's engaging voice and, in some tracks, interesting musical experimentation makes this album a real winner.

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  • Innovative fusion of Colombian vallenato & cumbia with pop


  • None


  • 11 tracks of vallenato/cumbia fused with pop and other interesting musical styles
  • 1 DVD track of "Te Mando Flores"
  • Released May, 2006 by EMI Latin

Guide Review - CD Review: Fonseca - Corazon

Fonseca is quite popular in his native Colombia, with Corazon's hit single "Te Mando Flores" (I Send You Flowers) leading the Colombian charts for nearly half a year. Fonseca has a warm, engaging voice; his music, like Carlos Vives, is mostly a vallenato/cumbia fusion, but no one would ever confuse him with Vives.

Where Vives vallenato tends to be dynamic and urgent, Fonseca's is more like a warm, breezy Sunday afternoon in the park. You can almost see the couples languidly dancing in the square to "Mercedes"; "La Casa" is a lovely, evocative ballad accompanied by simple guitars and accordion."

"Corazon" and "Vengo a Hablar" both get an African beat going, although "Corazon" blends it with pop while "Vengo" has a trance-like motif. One of the really interesting numbers is an electronic, pop version of the classic "Idilio".

This album is something old, something new, something happy and something blue. I think we'll be hearing alot more from Fonseca in the future; but in the meantime, Corazon is a great musical experience for right now.

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