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CD Review: Los Amigos Invisibles - Superpop Venezuela

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


CD Review: Los Amigos Invisibles - Superpop Venezuela

Los Amigos Invisibles - Venezuela Superpop

Courtesy Gozadera Records

The Bottom Line

Venezuela Superpop is Los Amigos Invisibles 5th album and it's a non-stop disco dance track. Infectious and fun, you might well give in to the impulse to dance the night away like some Latin John Travolta. On the other hand, if you never could learn the 'hustle' and have never forgiven disco, Venezuela Superpop is not for you.


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  • Non-stop party dance music in 70s disco style with Latin influences
  • Campy, clever and contagious


  • For traditionalists, not an album to mull over on a cold winters night


  • 17 tracks (plus introduction) of 70's style disco pop
  • Produced by Dimitri from Paris
  • Released by Gozadera Records

Guide Review - CD Review: Los Amigos Invisibles - Superpop Venezuela

Los Amigos Invisibles is a dance band from Caracas, Venezuela, although since 2000 they've resided in New York City (much to the chagrin of fellow Venezuelans). Listening to the music mixed by DJ's in Caracas' dance clubs, the members of the band, led by Julio Briceno, thought "We can do this, live and better". And they can.

Their debut album, A Typical and Autoctonal Venezuelan Dance Band started earning Los Amigos a cult following in their native country that has only grown over time. Each of their subsequent albums boasts a humerous, kitchy theme and title, but the music remains dance music, heavily influenced by disco, rock, funk and then overlayed with samba, salsa, sixties bossa nova and lots of sounds in between. What always stays the same is the heavily rhythmic, often electronic dance track.

In Superpop Venezuela, the band is having so much fun with the music you are irresistably drawn along for the ride. The tracks on their newest CD are an homage to songs that were popular during the band's teen years. The first track is a camp redo based on the theme song for the "Miss Venezuela" contest, followed by other nostalgic musical satires.

If you're familiar with these songs, there's probably an extra layer of delight in listening to this album. But it doesn't really matter because the non-stop pulse of Latin-tinged disco doesn't really require that familiarity.

This is great music for a party-hardy evening. It's not, however, an album that lends itself to listening to each track as an individual song and - if you hate 70s disco - not something you'll care for.

For the rest of us, party on!

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