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Music Review: Plastilina Mosh - 'All You Need Is Mosh'

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Plastilina Mosh - All You Need Is Mosh

Plastilina Mosh - All You Need Is Mosh

Courtesy Nacional

The Bottom Line

Mexican Plastilina Mosh's new studio album All You Need Is Mosh is an eclectic, catchy set of tracks that displays an original, humorous world view set to music that varies between a fusion of multiple styles, including rock, rap, punk, and funk. The songs are infectious, the lyrics contemporary and funny, the band tight. Plastilina Mosh fans will welcome the new album; other will find it tough not to catch themselves humming, bopping and dancing to these unexpected songs.

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  • A party of an album, especially "My Party," which makes you wish you made the guest list.


  • None


  • 12 tracks of rock, pop, punk, funk fusion
  • Self-produced by Russo and Gonzalez
  • Released August 2008 by Nacional Records

Guide Review - Music Review: Plastilina Mosh - 'All You Need Is Mosh'

Mexican electro-rock band Plastilina Mosh founders Jonaz Gonzalez and Alejandro Rosso are an unlikely duo. They’re ‘unlikely’ because when they got together in 1996, Gonzalez was into thrash-metal, while Rosso was a classically trained pianist who liked to listen to jazz and classical music. But their combined resources ultimately seem to work, since their debut album, Aquamosh, received critical acclaim and 2003’s Hola Chicuelos was nominated for a Latin Grammy.

Now they’re back with All You Need Is Mosh, their first studio album in five years. They’ve added Eddie Gonzalez on drums/vocals, Natalia Slipak on drums and Milton Pacheco on bass for a fuller sound, and they’ve self-produced the album so there was no ‘big brother’ record label telling them what went on the album.

So what went on the album?

The album opener “Toll Free” is a sparse, drum-heavy number with catchy lyrics. “Cut The Crap” is a metal number that proclaims “No Lies” and “If you want to lay down with me, just cut the crap.” “Going To Mars Boulton” is a track of danceable electronic, while “San Diego Chargers” mimics the pace of a football match with battery-like drums providing the cadence to the minimal instrumental guitar/electronic melody line.

My favorite track on the album is “My Party,” a funky number that goes through the party’s guest list (Paris Hilton, George Bush, Richard Simmons, Vanilla Ice, Marc & J-Lo) and is so infectious it made me wish I were invited to that party, too.

This is an album with a sense of humor that doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously, but is seriously entertaining.

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