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Review: Los Amigos Invisibles - 'Commercial'

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Los Amigos Invisibles - Commercial

Los Amigos Invisibles - Commercial


The Bottom Line

Los Amigos Invisibles sixth studio album brings current and future fans 16 new tracks of Latin rhythms fused with funk and lounge-style arrangements that bring back disco - or rather reinvent it for the new millennium. A non-ending dance party, the album is fun, infectious and a continual energetic surprise.

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  • Latin funk, lounge music fused for non-ending dance party


  • If rethought disco is not your thing, skip this album


  • 16 tracks of Latin rhythms, electronica, lounge music fusion that defines a unique disco sound
  • Guest artists Natalia Lafourcade, Dimitri from Paris, Jorge Gonzalez and more
  • Released June 2009 by Nacional Records

Guide Review - Review: Los Amigos Invisibles - 'Commercial'

I’m not quite sure why the sixth studio album of Venezuela’s Los Amigos Invisibles is called Commercial. The songs don’t seem to be advertising anything so I take the title to mean that the album was inspired as a means to make money. And if so, it should succeed in its goal because this is one terrific album.

The music of Los Amigos Invisibles is a fusion of Latin funk and lounge music. I loved their 2006 Superpop Venezuela which was both a satire of and homage to popular music of the 1970s. More than that, it was irresistible, in-your-face dance party music.

Commercial is more of the same, except that most of these tracks are original numbers that were written by band members Jose Luis Pardo and Mauricio Arcas. High-powered, infectious, often inspired and always rhythmic, Los Amigos Invisibles take you on a sweaty night on the town.

They get some help from their friends. “Vivire Para Ti” features Mexican pop’s Natalia Lafourcade, “Oyeme Nena” has Senor Coconut vocalist Argenis Brito crooning a disco samba and “Dulce” features Chilean rock’s Jorge Gonzalez of Los Prisioneros.

A lot of these tunes are just plain fun. The break-out single, “Mentiras,” is a humorous song about a guy claiming all the gossip his girl hears about him are just lies (ha!). “Merengue Killa” takes a frantic merengue beat and electrifies it like the Bride of Frankenstein; in this tune, if you know the title, you know all the lyrics.

Los Amigos Invisibles have also taken an interesting approach to track separation. Rather than a fade or segue, there’s a cut-off and then – silence. It works.

So put on your white suit and matching vest or that short, swishy dress and get ready to dance the night away. Disco has been redefined and is far from dead.

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