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CD Review: Maria Volonte - Yo Soy Maria

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CD Review: Maria Volonte - Yo Soy Maria

Maria Volonte - Yo Soy Maria

Courtesy Intrepid Patrol

The Bottom Line

Yo Soy Maria is an album of songs rooted in tango, then fused with jazz and bossa nova. Celebrated tango vocalist Maria Volonte brings a smooth and breezy feel to the songs, often more evocative of a jazz club than a tango milonga. This is not the album to get if you're looking for dance music, but rather a CD to listen to when you're in the mood for something melancholy,something blue.



  • Tango/jazz/bossa nova fusion that works on many levels


  • Not the album for danceable tango


  • 9 tracks of tango/jazz/bossa nova fusion with guest artist Javier Malosetti
  • Nominated for 2007 Gardel award
  • Released by Intrepid Patrol

Guide Review - CD Review: Maria Volonte - Yo Soy Maria

Before Carlos Gardel started singing the tango in the teenage 20th century, tango was solely an instrumental form of dance music. In contemporary times, Maria Volonte has made a name for herself singing tango tunes, though usually of a fairly traditional variety.

Yo Soy Maria is Volonte's 5th album; it has been nominated for a 2007 Carlos Gardel award, the epitome of tango excellence. It's the 3rd Gardel nomination for Volonte; she won "Best Female Tango Vocalist" in 2004. But this album takes a little different direction, taking the tango and fusing it with jazz and bossa nova. It's a fusion that works well with Volonte's dusky, mezzo voice.

There's an interesting variety of styles on the CD. Enrique Discepolo's "Sueno de Juventud" leans more towards jazz while Astor Piazzolla's "Yo Soy Maria" features the bold rhythm and equally dramatic vocals that are often associated with traditional tango. "Nostalgias" is an effective bossa nova fusion with bandoneon flourishes as is the bonus track, "Ultimos Acordes de la Fiesta", a duet with Javier Malosetti, who also was the song's co-composer.

Yo Soy Maria is a winning album with graceful lyrics, lovely vocals and a steamy, jazzy ambiance that's perfect listening while you're sitting with your drink in a dark cafe.

Though I guess that's also a good description of listening to the tango in general.

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