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Latin Music Reviews & Recommendations


With all of the available Latin music, it's tough to decide which album is for you. Pick your style and read reviews of some you might want to pick up.
  1. Hot Off The Press
  2. Pop / Rock / Alternative
  3. Salsa / Timba
  4. Brazilian Music
  5. Afro-Cuban / Traditional
  1. Latin Jazz
  2. Tango
  3. Merengue / Bachata
  4. Mexican Music
  5. Latin Urban / Fusion / Tropical

Hot Off The Press

Photo Courtesy EGC Records

Here are some of the most recent reviews for those interested in albums that are hot off the presses.

Pop / Rock / Alternative

Photo Courtesy Universal Latino

If you like popular music, some of the best is in the Latin music world, where pop and rock rhythms mix with those wild Latin beats.

Salsa / Timba

Photo Courtesy Sony Music Latin

Born in the 1960s, salsa took Afro-Cuban rhythms and made them hotter and hotter.

Brazilian Music

Blue Note Records

Journey through Brazil with the sounds of Samba, Bossa Nova, and more.

Afro-Cuban / Traditional

Sony Music Latin

From Cuba to Puerto Rico, these are the native rhythms of the islands.

Latin Jazz

Red General Catalog

A selection of works dealing with Afro-Cuban Jazz.


Photo Courtesy Sony Masterworks

Here's a selection of albums that leave no doubt of Argentina's influence on world music.

Merengue / Bachata

Photo Courtesy Sony Music Latin

The Dominican Republic brings us Merengue and Bachata. Merengue is fast, Bachata slower, but either can turn listening to a CD into a party.

Mexican Music

Universal Latino

From Ranchera and Corrido to Tejano and Norteno, these Mexican genres are music to the ears of millions of people.

Latin Urban / Fusion / Tropical

Sony Music Latin

A big city changes things. One musical form marries another and we get something unique.

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