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Top 10 Latin Music Albums in English

The Very Best English Language Latin CDs


For those of us who don’t speak Spanish, here is a list of Latin music albums that are mostly in English. The list contains some Latin pop, some salsa, a little rock and hip-hop.

There’s really not that much music to choose from – after all, there are 400 million Spanish speakers worldwide. But maybe this list will help you get a feel for the rhythm and harmonies of a musical tradition that is so exciting and compelling that it speaks to you in a universal language.

1. 'Destiny' - Gloria Estefan

All Gloria, all English, all the time. Mostly ballads mixed with some spice.

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2. 'Mended' - Marc Anthony

A combination of salsa and ballads by the man with the voice that turned a generation on to Latin Music: Marc Anthony. Twelve out of the 13 tracks are in English.

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3. 'Salsa Pop' - L.A. Carpool

The best of urban salsa from Los Angeles.

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4. 'Island Life' - Yerba Buena

Latin fusion from this original New York based Yerba Buena. Lots of Spanglish mixed with English, but don't worry, you'll get it.

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5. 'Supernatural' - Santana

If you haven't heard this album, you haven't been paying attention. The platinum album, featuring the unmistakable sound of Santana and the superhit "Smooth," is half English, half Spanish.

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6. 'Sound Loaded' - Ricky Martin

Although Ricky Martin has gotten great reviews for some albums, this is not one of them. I beg to differ with the critics -- I think this is a great album! "She Bangs" is the track that will be familiar from all the radio airplay, but my favorite is the tango "Jezebel."

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7. 'For All Time' - Soluna

I first heard Soluna, the all-girl group from East L.A., as the back-up act for Marc Anthony. I like their voices and their pop sound.

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8. 'Wolftracks' - Los Lobos

This Los Lobos compilation disc features the very best of these East L.A. rockers.

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9. 'I Like It Like That' - Tito Nieves

The irrepressible salsero Tito Nieves in his only all English language CD.

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10. 'Aztec Souls: The Best in Latin Hip Hop'

OK, hip-hop and rap are genres that really do rely on lyrics. Here's a CD that lets you understand what the rapping is all about.

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