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Gifts for Latin Dancers


Mambo King Tito Puente used to say that "if there is no dance, there is not music" and I know I have a tough time sitting still when great Latin music hits my ears. If you have a dancer on your gift list (or, if Santa needs to bring You a little something), here's a list of suggestions that are sure to make the dancing experience just a little bit more fun.

1. Susie Hodge - 'Latin and Ballroom Dance'

With the popularity of today's reality dance programs on television, you might well have a young one standing in front of that TV and practicing his/her moves.

Susie Hodge's Latin and Ballroom Dance is going to be their favorite gift this season with dance history, steps, costumes, hair, competition and profiles of some of the television personalities that has had your budding dancer riveted to the screen. Recommended for grades 4-8.

2. Hollywood Dance Films

It's not surprising that the last 20 years have produced 5 big dance movies, and all of them have been about Latin dance. If your favorite Latin dancer needs inspiration, try one of these to keep the dance fires burning.

Dance With Me Compare Prices
Strictly Ballroom Compare Prices
Shall We Dance?Compare Prices
Dirty Dancing Compare Prices
Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights Compare Prices

3. 'Luis Bravo's Forever Tango' DVD

Watching Argentinean tango danced live is an unforgettable experience although if you're lucky enough to have a great partner, dancing that tango is even better. Luis Bravo's Forever Tango is probably the world's most famous and beloved Argentine Tango ensemble and this year's release of a live concert at Teatro Coliseo Podesta is one that should please your tango-loving giftee.

Compare Prices

4. Latin Dance Shoes, Costumes

So, it's time to go for a hot evening of salsa and what do you put on your feet? Well, tennis shoes really don't cut it. I have a trunk full of shoes (for me and friends) that we only use for an evening of salsa. Check out these shoes (and other dance apparel) and see if this is just what your salsa dancer needs.

5. 'The Quick & Dirty Guide To Salsa'

There are a lot of instructional salsa videos out there, but I think this 3-volume set is a really good one. This is not a 'single-dancer' salsa video, it teaches some of the more intricate moves that salsa dancers perform with their partners.

You can get all three videos in a boxed set (link above) or buy one at a time.

Vol 1 (Beginners) Compare Prices
Vol 2 (Intermediate) Compare Prices
Vol 3 (Advanced) Compare Prices

Compare Prices

6. Old Salsa Posters

The 1970s and 1980s were the golden age of salsa and while salsa is still with us, it's nice to be reminded of the "good, old days". Take a look at some of these posters and other golden age salsa memoribilia and see if this is the gift that will hit the spot this holiday season.

7. Tango Costumes

Now if your favorite dancer loves the tango, they're going to need that special dress - or shoes, shawls, etc. Here's a place that offers all the special little things that bring joy to a tango lovers heart.

8. 'Tango Lessons With The World's Champion'

Dancing the tango is not too difficult, children learn how to do it in dance class. But learning to do the Argentinean tango is an entirely different matter. Unless a dancer is a native of Argentina, this is a dance who's dramatic,sensuous moves are hardly second nature. That's why a little bit of instruction can go a long way towards making sure that special Latin dancer looks great on the floor.

This instructional DVD provides instruction for both the basic, salon type of dancing as well as ballroom.

9. Flamenco Dancing Accessories

Flamenco is all in the attitude. And there are times that an attitude is easier to assume with a little help from props like castanets, fans, shawls and - of course - the right shoes. Here's a place where you can find all of these props as a special gift for your flamenco dancer.

10. Fabian Perez

This entry is for high-rollers only! The art of Argentinean Fabian Perez is what I want for Christmas (right). His studies of flamenco dancers are wonderful, but his tango series takes my breath away. I don't see any reproductions of these particular paintings yet available, but hey. Do you really want to impress that special someone? Romantic, intense, the original artwork runs around $1000, so this is not for the monetarily faint of heart.

See Fabian Perez Tango Series

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