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Playlist for a Hot Salsa Dance Party


There's nothing like hot salsa to spice up a party, turning it into the dance party of the season. Here's a playlist of songs that will have your guests up and dancing.

1. "No Me Hace Falta" - Victor Manuelle

© Sony
Victor Manuelle is one of Puerto Rico's great soneros; I love most of his albums, but Travesia remains my favorite. This is a great song to start off the list.

From Travesia.

2. "Sin Sentimientos" - Grupo Niche

Irresistable salsa from the coasts of Colombia by Grupo Niche.

From Una Aventura..La Historia

3. "Te Regalare" - NG2

Just to prove that younger artists are still into salsa, here's a great dance number from Puerto Rico's NG2.

From Comienzos

4. "Corazon" - Gilberto Santa Rosa

Is there anyone more popular than Gilberto Santa Rosa when it comes to salsa romantica? I don't think so!

From Contraste

5. "Hijo De Los Rumberos" - La Excelencia

La Excelencia is one of the great NYC salsa dura bands and if you don't get up and dance listening to this number, you might check your pulse.

From Salsa Con Conciencia

6. "Caridad" - Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan is alwasy good for a hot number and "Caridad" is one of the hottest.

From 90 Millas

7. "Se Te Mira" - Grupo Fantasma

You don't normally look for salsa from a Texas band, but Austin's Grupo Fantasma doesn't fit into any musical mold. This number features their jazzy, big band sound and fuses it with something extra.

From Sonidos Gold

8. "Como Tiembla El Alma" - El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico

El Gran Combo is probably the most famous salsa band in the world. You'll know why when you start moving to this number from their Latin Grammy winning album.

From Arroz Con Habichuela

9. "Toro Mata" - DLG

DLG is back after a decade long hiatus with a new lead singer and a salsa version of this Peruvian folk song made famous by Celia Cruz.

From Renacer

10. "I Love Salsa" - n'klabe

You probably love salsa too and Puerto Rico's n'klabe's shows you why salsa will never die.

From I Love Salsa!

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