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Best of Latin Music


Offering a compilation of informative articles, top artist profiles and albums, and a selection of playlists featuring the best of Latin music.
  1. Suggested Readings
  2. Latin Music Legends
  3. Most Popular Artists
  4. Suggested Albums
  1. Best Playlists - By Genre and Theme
  2. Best Playlists - By Artist
  3. Best Album Lists

Suggested Readings

A selection of articles covering both the basics and different genres and styles of Latin music. This is your starting point to get familiar with the ideas and main developments in Latin music.

Latin Music Legends

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

Featuring lists and single profiles of some of the most influential Latin music artists in history.

Most Popular Artists

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

A selection of articles offering information about the lives and music works of today’s most popular singers and bands in Latin music.

Suggested Albums

Sony Music Latin

If you are just getting into Latin music and need some suggestions as far as albums go, these are some Latin music works I highly recommend. They include both classic and contemporary albums.

Best Playlists - By Genre and Theme

Paul Hawthorne / Getty Images

Regardless of your musical interest, these playlists will provide you with some of the best tracks ever produced in Latin music. You can find here different compilations dealing with Salsa, Reggaeton, Brazilian music, and more!

Best Playlists - By Artist

Tr3s: MTV, Música y Más

Looking for the best songs from top Latin music artists and bands? These playlist feature a collection of hits by some of the most influential Latin music artists in history.

Best Album Lists

Warner Music Latina

The following selection includes album compilations by year, artist, genre and theme. This is your chance to visit some of the most outstanding works in Latin music.

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