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Chino y Nacho – Artist Profile of Los Mackediches

Biography of Venezuela’s Reggaeton and Urban Sensation Duo


Photo Courtesy Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Chino y Nacho

Photo Courtesy Kevin Winter / Getty Images


  • Real Name: Jesus Alberto Miranda Perez
  • Born: November 1984
  • Place of Birth: Caracas, Venezuela
  • Nickname: El Chino


  • Real Name: Miguel Ignacio Mendoza
  • Born: August 1983
  • Place of Birth: Lecherias, Venezuela
  • Nickname: Nacho

Why Los Mackediches?

  • Chino y Nacho are known as Los Mackediches because of their own record label with the same name. However, the duo is currently working with the label Machete Music, which is part of Universal Music Latin Entertainment.

Chino y Nacho are among the most popular Latin Urban artists today. Thanks to their music, this Venezuelan duo is making a contribution to the new sounds that are defining modern Latin Urban music. The following is the artist profile of the creators of the hit song "Niña Bonita".

The Beginning

Before they met, Jesus Miranda (Chino) and Miguel Mendoza (Nacho) were already involved in the music business. On the one hand, Jesus had gained experience playing with local groups such as Calle Ciega, Scala 1, and Censura C. On the other hand, Miguel had played with bands like Calle Ciega, Los Ninos del Swing, and Equilibrio.

Jesus and Miguel met thanks to Calle Ciega. With this group, they recorded several songs mostly focused on Reggaeton beats. However, from that time Jesus and Miguel were already incorporating into their melodies sounds from different genres including Salsa and Merengue. In 2007, the members of Calle Ciega decided to split. As a result of this, two new bands were formed: Los Cadilacs and Chino y Nacho.

'Epoca de Reyes'

In 2008, Chino y Nacho released their first work, a double album entitled Epoca de Reyes. With this production, the Urban duo consolidated the style that the two artists were forging in the past with Calle Ciega. In fact, while one of the CDs had a romantic appeal, the other was heavily nurtured with Urban vibes.

"Niña Bonita"

This combination of romanticism with an Urban sound filled with Reggaeton, Latin Pop and rhythms like Salsa and Merengue was brought to the duo's second album. In 2010, Chino y Nacho released Mi Nina Bonita, a hit album that included the single "Niña Bonita," one of the most popular songs of 2010 and 2011.

Thanks to this popularity, "Niña Bonita" represented a breaking point in the career of Chino y Nacho. The music style of Chino y Nacho was soon noticed by other Latin Urban artists including Reggaeton superstar Don Omar, who recorded alongside the duo the single "Dentro De Mi" for the album Mi Nina Bonita.


After Mi Niña Bonita, the duo is releasing in 2011 the album Supremo. This work maintains the style Chino y Nacho consolidated with their previous work. Supremo offers the same combination of romanticism and Urban beats that made of Mi Nina Bonita a hit album. This production also features well known artists including Salsa star Luis Enrique and R&B singer Jay Sean.

Chino y Nacho Songs

Although Chino y Nacho are only at the beginning of their music career, they have already produced various popular Latin Urban singles. The following are some of the best songs by Chino y Nacho.

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