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Latin Music Songs for A Christmas Party

A Compilation of Tropical Hits for A Night of Dancing during Christmas Time


Besides traditional Christmas carols, known in the Spanish world as Villancicos, Latin music also offers several song that are played every year across the Latin world to celebrate Christmas. The following compilation of Salsa, Cumbia and Bomba hits include some of the most enduring Tropical tracks ever produced to celebrate this time of the year. If you are looking for a playlist of Latin music songs for your Christmas party, this list offers good ideas to keep your feet dancing during December.

"Aires De Navidad" - Hector Lavoe and Willie Colon

Photo Courtesy Fania
Photo Courtesy Fania

This is one of my favorite Salsa songs for Christmas. "Aires De Navidad" belongs to the collaboration work Asalto Navideño between trombone player Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe, one of the greatest Salsa singers in history. The track offers nice strings provided by the talented Yomo Toro and a wonderful trombone playing by Willie Colon. The song moves between the rhythms of hard Salsa and traditional Bomba from Puerto Rico. A wonderful track for a night of dancing during Christmas time.

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"Parranda De Navidad" - Tania

"Parranda De Navidad" is one of the most popular singles of this Venezuelan singer. The song is about a Christmas party and being happy during this time of the year. This single offers very nice string sessions and a wonderful voice by an artist who enjoyed most of her popularity in Colombia.

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"Bomba En Navidad" - Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz

Back in the old good times of Salsa, Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz were among the most influential artists of this genre. They produced various hits including different Latin music songs for Christmas. "Bomba En Navidad," which is defined by Puerto Rican Bomba beats, is one of the most enduring Christmas-related singles produced by this duo. Additional Christmas tracks include other titles such as "Aguinaldo Navideño" and "Navidad".

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"Farolito" - Gloria Estefan

Photo Courtesy Epic
Photo Courtesy Epic

This track is one of the best singles from the album Abriendo Puertas by Gloria Estefan. The song encompasses the traditional sounds of Currulao, a traditional music style from the Pacific Coast of Colombia. Its sound, in fact, has the signature of the famous Colombian songwriter Kike Santander. Gloria Estefan proves with "Farolito" her enormous talent singing music in Spanish.

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"Pascua De Navidad" - Nelson y sus Estrellas

Nelson y sus Estrellas is one of the most famous Tropical bands from Venezuela. For generations, their music has captured audiences throughout Latin America. "Pascua De Navidad" is the most famous Christmas song this band has produced. This is a very nice tune to add in a playlist for a Christmas party.

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"En La Noche Buena" - La Sonora Matancera

From one of the most influential bands in the history of Latin music, "En La Noche Buena" is probably the best Christmas song La Sonora Matancera produced during its golden years. The single features the distinct sound of the band's trumpets and the unforgettable voices of the Queen of Salsa Celia Cruz and the singer Celio Gonzalez.

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"Cantares De Navidad" - Billo's Caracas Boys

The Billos Caracas Boys, is Venezuela's most legendary Tropical orchestra. Several generations grew up with the festive sounds of this famous band. For the past decades, "Cantares De Navidad" has been one of the most popular Latin music songs for Christmas. This single is an ideal track not only for Christmas but also for a New Year's Eve party.

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"Sabor Navideño" - Afrosound

"Sabor Navideño" offers a very nice sound defined by the beats of Colombian Cumbia. As far as dancing goes, this track is as good as it gets for a Christmas party celebration. This single is very instrumental and because of that it offers an elegant sound that enhances the appealing of its melody. This is definitely one of my favorite Latin music songs for Christmas.

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"No Hay Cama Pa' Tanta Gente" - El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico

Photo Courtesy Combo Records
Photo Courtesy Combo Records

From one of the best Salsa bands in the history of Latin music, "No Hay Cama Pa' Tanta Gente" is one of the most popular Christmas songs produced by El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico. This track belong to the album Nuestra Musica, which also includes other Christmas-related tracks such as "La Fiesta de Pilito" and "El Arbolito". Besides bein a Christmas hit, "No Hay Cama Pa' Tanta Gente" is also one of the best songs El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico has ever produced.

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