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Latin Music Concerts For February 2009


11. Cristian Castro

Mexican pop master Cristian Castro is sometimes better known for his tumultuous personal life than for his music, but it will be music in El Paso this month.

  • Feb. 6: El Paso, TX - Plaza Theatre Performing Arts Center

12. Molotov

Mexico's Molotov is in the middle of their 19-city U.S. Tour in wchich they are performing their legendary debut album Donde Jugaran las Ninas in its entirety. Here are the February dates.

  • Feb. 4: Charlotte, NC - Neighborhood Theatre
  • Feb. 6: Boston, BA - Lido
  • Feb. 7: Washington, DC - State Theatre
  • Feb. 8: New York, NY - The Fillmore New York

13. Elefante

I love of the music of Mexican pop/rock group Elefante, but we haven't heard that much from them since lead singer Reyli left the group and went solo in 2003. Here's a good chance to catch up with the popular group.

  • Feb. 11: San Diego, CA - House of Blues
  • Feb. 12: Hollywood, CA - House of Blues
  • Feb. 13: Sunnyvale, CA - Barcelona
  • Feb. 18: Anaheim, CA - House of Blues
  • Feb. 19: Chicago, IL - House of Blues
  • Feb. 21: Dallas, TX - House of Blues
  • Feb. 26: Houston, TX - House of Blues

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