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Top 10 Latin Music Concerts - March 2007


March brings Latin music lovers a lot of great concerts with Mana and Aterciopelados continuing their spring tours. The rest of the concerts are oners, and are taking place mostly on the coasts. However, Seattle and Washington D.C. get a boost with Poncho Sanchez and Inti-Illimani.


Mana mania was evident as the Mexican group swept the rock categories at the Premio Lo Nuestro Latin Music Awards. Mana continues their tour through March.

2. Aterciopelados

Here's another opportunity to listen to the wonderful Andrea Echeverri and Hector Buitrago as Arterciopelados starts the second leg of their U.S. tour this month, promoting their latest album Oye.

Aterciopelados Spring Tour Dates

3. Aventura

Dominican Aventura performs an electric blend of bachata and R&b. They won the 'Tropical Artist of the Year' at this year's Premio Lo Nuestro Latin Music Awards.

Mar. 29 - Hollywood, FL, Hard Rock Live

4. RBD

Superpop RBD sells out their concerts pretty quickly, so I'm not sure if there are tickets available. But hey, there's bound to be a way if you're willing to pay.

Mar. 3: Laredo, TX - Laredo Entertainment Center

5. Domingo Quinonez - "A Night of Salsa"

Born in New Jersey, Domingo Quinones' family moved back to Puerto Rico, which is where he acquired his great salsa style, playing with such greats as Jose Alberto and Johnny Rodriguez.

Mar. 15: Orlando, FL - Jesse Black Saloon

6. Jorge Drexler

You don't hear much about Uruguayan singers, but Jorge Drexler is the first Uruguayan ever to win an academy award (for composing the song "Al Otro Lado dle Rio" from The Motocycle Diaries).If you like music that's a mixture of candombe & milonga, then you're going to love this concert.

Mar. 6: New York, NY - Town Hall

7. Lupillo Rivera

Mexican banda singer, brother of Jenni Rivera, Lupillo rivera is making a rare appearance this month.

Mar. 17: Los Angeles, CA - Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal City

8. Ozomatli

Ozomatli is the Aztec god of dance and music. Ozomatli, the band, hails from Los Angeles and plays a special kind of funk and rock en espagnol.They've been on the 'Top 10' a number of times this year, but then they're worth it.

Mar. 2: Santa Ana, CA - Galaxy Theatre
Mar. 3: Cabazon, CA - Key Club
Mar. 6: Pomona, CA - Glass House
Mar. 11: Las Vegas, NV - House of Blues

9. Poncho Sanchez

Poncho Sanchez is a legendary conga player, as well as an exceptional salsero. But jazz is where he excels. This month Seattle will have an opportunity to hear this great musician at one of 9 scheduled concerts.

Mar. 29 - Mar 31: Seattle, WA - Jazz Alley

10. Inti-Illimani

Inti-Illimani has been the seminal influence in the Chilean music scene since 1967, although for political reasons, the've lived in Italy for 20 of those years. Since then the group has split, with both the old and new band keeping the same name.

Which group is performing? Beats me, but either one would be an adventure.

Mar. 11: Washington, DC - Lisner Auditorium
Mar. 16: Albuquerque, NM - National Hispanic Cultural Center

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