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Enrique Iglesias - 'Euphoria' CD Review

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Photo Courtesy Republic

Enrique Iglesias - 'Euphoria'

Photo Courtesy Republic

Thanks to Euphoria, Enrique Iglesias has been leading music award nominations throughout 2011. His first bilingual album, which features artists like Pitbull and Juan Luis Guerra, has consolidated Enrique Iglesias as a one of today's top Latin Pop stars.

With the 10 tracks included on this album, Euphoria touches the full spectrum of Pop music moving between soft tracks and singles made for a party night.

“Cuando Me Enamoro”

The set of romantic tracks on this album is led by "Cuando Me Enamoro," a single featuring legendary Merengue star Juan Luis Guerra. This song offers a very pleasant melody, nice lyrics and a fine voice combination. In fact, "Cuando Me Enamoro" is one of the most popular songs on this album. Euphoria includes additional soft tracks like "Ayer" and "Dile Que."

Moving away from the soft tracks, Euphoria offers a couple of songs that are quite enjoyable. One of them is "One Day At A Time," which is defined by a Reggae melody that Enrique handles very well with his voice. The other song is "Tu Y Yo," a single that somehow reminds me a little bit of Enrique's famous hit "Escape." "Tu Y Yo" is one of the most pleasant songs from the entire album.

“I Like It”

By contrast, the set of dancing songs is led by the hit "I Like It," featuring Cuban-American rapper Pitbull. This vibrant song is the perfect track for a party night. Besides "I Like It," Euphoria contains other dancing tracks that include "Heartbeat" (featuring Nicole Scherzinger) and "Dirty Dancer."

‘Euphoria’ – Bottom Line

Euphoria is an album that consolidates Enrique Iglesias as a leading figure in the Latin Pop genre. The album offers a great combination of sounds and features outstanding performances by different artists. This is a solid work by Enrique Iglesias and a great album for mainstream music fans.

‘Euphoria’ – Best Tracks

Record Label: Republic
Release Date: July 6, 2010
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