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Fonseca - 'Ilusion' CD Review

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Photo Courtesy Columbia

Fonseca - 'Ilusion'

Photo Courtesy Columbia

Thanks to Ilusion, one of the best Latin music albums of 2012, Colombian singer Fonseca has successfully moved his career to new levels of popularity. With its eclectic fusion, this work is redefining the sounds of a music style where Tropical and Pop music find a perfect place to meet. Let's take a closer look to this album.

A Tropical Pop Fusion

After winning a trophy for Best Tropical Fusion Album at the 2012 Latin Grammy Awards with his deluxe edition of Ilusion, Fonseca highlighted the perfect connection that existed between his album and the name of the trophy he received.

In fact, Ilusion is an album defined by a pleasant fusion shaped around different Latin music genres including Vallenato, Latin Pop and even traditional styles such as Musica Llanera and Mexican Mariachi music.

In this sense, Ilusion is defined by a musical spectrum that moves between Tropical and Pop melodies. That said, I think the best tracks on this album are those that stay closer to the Tropical end. For instance, the hit "Desde Que No Estas," one of the top Latin songs of 2012, represents the brightest side of this album. Similar tracks include songs such as "Si Te Acuerdas De Mi," "Los Buenos Milagros," "Ilusion" and "Baila Esta Ultima."

I really think this Tropical fusion is really nice. Nevertheless, I would not be surprised if someone finds a bit repetitive the sound of this album. In any case, the melodies are so pleasant that I think the odds for that to happen are low.

Challenging Labels

While the musical spectrum that defines Ilusion is clear, its fusion prevents this album from being either Tropical or Pop. In other words, Ilusion is a perfect example that allow us to see how contemporary albums are challenging traditional genres, a trend that I believe is set to shape the future of Latin music as a whole.

Some of the songs on this album are particularly difficult to classify. Tracks such as "Como Duele" or "Prometo" pose a serious challenge for those who like to place labels. For instance, "Prometo," a single that combines Musica Llanera and Mexican Mariachi music, is one of the most unique songs in the entire album.

A Mainstream Work

Ilusion is also a mainstream work thanks to those tracks where Pop and Dance beats are at the bottom of the melody. Besides the popular Merengue-like hit "Eres Mi Sueno," which is also featured as an acoustic and Urban version in the album, most of the tracks included in the second half of the album are responsible for its mainstream appeal. Some of these songs include tracks like "Tu Amor Ya Sabe,""Abcdario", "Cuando Respiro En Tu Boca" and "Soledad," a single featuring Mexican Pop duo Jesse & Roy.

'Ilusion' - Bottom Line

Considering its rich musical fusion, it is difficult to match Ilusion with a particular label or genre. Yet, it is so easy to love it. With its unique combination of sounds and elegant melodies, Ilusion has redefined the music of Fonseca adding to the Latin music world a production where Tropical and Pop music blend perfectly.

While Fonseca does a good job in terms of bringing together those two fields, I think the strongest part of this album is defined by its Tropical vibes rather than its Pop influence. Overall, a very nice album. No wonder why this work was honored with the 2012 Latin Grammy Award for Best Tropical Fusion Album.

'Ilusion' - Best Tracks

  • "Si Te Acuerdas De Mi"
  • "Eres Mi Sueno"
  • "Los Buenos Milagros"
  • "Ay Amor"
  • "Desde Que No Estas"
  • "Prometo"
  • "Historia De Amor"
Record Label: Columbia
Release Date: July 17, 2012
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