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Gloria Estefan - 'Mi Tierra' CD Review

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Photo Courtesy Epic

Gloria Estefan - 'Mi Tierra'

Photo Courtesy Epic

Before Mi Tierra, Gloria Estefan was known all over the world as the lead singer of the legendary Miami Sound Machine band. Though her music had a Latin flavor to it, Gloria Estefan was mainly a English-language Pop star. That changed in 1993, with the release of Mi Tierra, the first Spanish-language album produced by the Cuban-American singer. Let's take a look at the album that changed forever the music career of the this popular Latina artist.

The Making of 'Mi Tierra'

A significant portion of the popularity that surrounded Mi Tierra was consequence of the exceptional team that forged this production. Apart from Gloria Estefan's talent, the music and lyrics of this album were conceived by experienced songwriters like Estefano, Juanito Marquez, Jon Secada, Emilio Estefan Jr. and Rafael Ferro.

Similarly, this project received valuable contributions from an outsanding group of musicians that included artists like Paquito D'Rivera, Roberto Sandoval, Tito Puente, Luis Enrique, Sheila E. and the legendary Cuban artist Israel 'Cachao' Lopez.

Cuban Traditions

Mi Tierra is Gloria Estefan's personal tribute to her Cuban roots. Throughout the album, you can hear melodies heavily influenced by traditional Cuban music genres such as Son Montuno and Danzon. For instance, the album's last track "Tradicion" features rich percussion that combines Cuban and African beats.

Romantic Music

Apart from the exciting tropical sounds provided by tracks such as "Ayer," "Hablemos El Mismo Idioma," "Si Señor" and the popular hit "Mi Tierra," the album offers a very nice selection of romantic tunes that are centered around Bolero.

Out of all the songs in this field, the most beautiful track of all is "Con Los Años Que Me Quedan," a single inspired by the love story of the singer with her husband Emilio Estefan Jr. Additional romantic tracks in "Mi Tierra" include titles like "Mi Buen Amor" and "Hablas De Mi."

'Mi Tierra' - Bottom Line

The first Spanish-language album produced by Gloria Estefan turned out to be one of the greatest works ever produced by the Cuban-American artist. Mi Tierra is a wonderful album that brings together the tropical and romantic traditions of Cuban music. Whether you want to dance or just relax, this work offers both. A fantastic album from beginning to end and one of the essential albums in Latin music.

'Mi Tierra' - Best Tracks

Record Label: Epic
Release Date: June 22, 1993
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