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Articles Index

Review: Grupo Gale - 'Autentico'

Grupo Gale - Review of Grupo Gale's Autentico

Review: Shakira - 'She Wolf'

Shakira - Review of She Wolf album by Shakira

Various Artists - 'El Justiciero, Cha, Cha, Cha'

Review of the album El Justciero, Cha, Cha, Cha.

Music Review: Corazon Latino - Desde Barranquilla

CD review of Desde Barranquilla by Corazon Latino

CD Review: Willy Chirino - Cubanisimo

Willy Chirino - Cubanisimo - CD Review of Cuban music CD

CD Review: Stephen Bishop - Saudade

CD review of Saudade by Stephen Bishop

CD Review - Maria Bethania: Brasileirinho

CD Review of Brasileirinho by Brazilian music titan Maria Bethania.

Review: Arthur Hanlon - 'Piano Sin Fronteras'

Arthur Hanlon - Review of Piano Sin Fronteras by Arthur Hanlon

CD Review: Aterciopelados - 'Oye'

CD review of Oye by Aterciopelados.

Review: Cecilia Noel - 'A Gozar!'

Cecilia Noel Latin music review of 'A Gozar'

Review: Alejandro Fernandez - 'Dos Mundos'

Alejandro Fernandez - Review of Dos Mundos by Alejandro Fernandez

Review: Andrea Bocelli - 'Mi Navidad'

Andrea Bocelli - Review of Mi Navidad by Andrea Bocelli

Review: Toto La Momposina - 'La Bodega'

Toto La Momposina - Review of La Bodega by Toto La Momposina

Review: Buika & Chucho Valdes - 'El Ultimo Trago'

Buika & Chucho Valdes - Review of El Ultimo Trago by Buika and Chucho Valdes

Putumayo - Review of 'Putumayo Presents Espana'

Putumayo - Review of Putumayo Presents Espana

Review: Los Amigos Invisibles - 'Commercial'

Los Amigos Invisibles - Review of Commercial by Los Amigos Invisibles

Review: Frankie Negron - 'Independence Day'

Frankie Negron - Review of Independence Day by Frankie Negron

Review: Nelly Furtado - 'Mi Plan'

Nelly Furtado - Review of Mi Plan by Nelly Furtado

Review: DePedro Debut Album

DePedro - Review of DePedro

CD Review: Jean - On

Latin R&B artist Jean's "ON", including "Juegas Con Fuego" (Playing with Fire) review.

Guaschara - Review of 'Influencias' by Guaschara

Guaschara - Review of Influencias by Guaschara

Review: Cruz Martinez y Los Super Reyes - 'Cumbia Con Soul'

Cruz Martinez y Los Super Reyes - Review of Cumbia Con Soul by Los Super Reyes

CD Review: Cruz Martinez Presenta Los Super Reyes - El Regreso De Los Reyes

CD Review of Cruz Martinez Presenta Los Super Reyes CD El Regreso de Los Reyes

CD Review: NG2 - Al Fin

Music review of NG2 CD Al Fin

Bio Ritmo - Review of 'Bionico' by Bio Ritmo

Music review of new Bio Ritmo album Bionico

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