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Top Songs by Jenni Rivera


Photo Courtesy Harry How / Getty Images

Jenni Rivera Singing

Photo Courtesy Harry How / Getty Images

Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera left a permanent imprint in Regional Mexican music. Besides her musical talent, which was defined by a powerful voice, her repertoire became a channel for women to stand up against sexist oppression. From "Basta Ya" to "Ni Me Viene Ni Me Va," the following playlist pays tribute to the most influential female Regional Mexican music artist of the last twenty years.

"Basta Ya"
"Basta Ya" is one of the most popular track from Jenni Rivera's hit album Joyas Prestadas. The Mexican-American singer recorded a Pop and a Banda version of this track, which deals with a common issue touched in various songs by the Mexican diva: The need for a woman to defend her own dignity. A simple yet empowering song.

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"Culpable O Inocente"
Although the music of Jenni Rivera was significantly shaped by her own desire to dignify women especially when confronted with machismo and gender discrimination, the Diva of Banda Music was also capable of bringing into her repertoire a full spectrum of issues. In this song, for example, she refers to the unconditional loyalty of a woman towards her man.

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"Detras De Mi Ventana"
Just like many of her songs, "Detras De Mi Ventana," is another call for women to stand up against oppression and social conventionalism. The song offers a powerful reflection that questions a senseless life. This is definitely one of the best songs ever recorded by Jenni Rivera.

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"Por Que No Le Calas"
Jenni Rivera was a talented artist capable of embracing different sounds within the Regional Mexican Music world. "Por Que No Le Calas" is a good example of her enormous talent singing Ranchera music. From her popular album La Gran Señora, this track is about being honest with your partner and yourself.

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"Ya Lo Se"
Another hit from La Gran Señora, "Ya Lo Se" is a heartbreaking song that deals with the pain one goes through when the person you love has decided to leave you. Another wonderful Ranchera single from The Dive of Banda Music.

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"Brincos Dieras"
A song dedicated to all the players out there, "Brincos Dieras" is a track about a woman who tells a man that she is better than him.

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"Ni Me Viene Ni Me Va"
"Ni Me Viene Ni Me Va" is one of the most popular Banda tracks ever recorded by the famous Mexican-American singer. With its simple beats, this catchy song is all about dignity. Throughout this track, Jenni Rivera personifies a woman who expresses her total indifference towards the man she used to love.

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