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Kali Mutsa - 'Ambrolina' EP Review

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Photo Courtesy Shock Music

Kali Mutsa - 'Ambrolina'

Photo Courtesy Shock Music

Kali Mutsa is a new Latin Alternative band out of Santiago, Chile. Their first music production is an EP named Ambrolina. This work, which includes seven tracks, offers a very interesting sound that combines different styles ranging from Bollywood and electronic vibes to gypsy and Andean music. The following is an overview of Kali Mutsa's music and their EP Ambrolina.

Kali Mutsa's Mystical Story

First of all, a little note about the name of this Alternative group. Kali Mutsa is not only the name of the band but also the name of the lead singer. In fact, Kali Mutsa is the alter ego of Chilean actress Celine Reymond, the voice behind the band's music.

The group was formed in 2010 by Celine Raymond and musician Cristobal Montes who also goes by the alter ego of Sandoje Catiri. Both Kali Mutsa and Sandoje Catiri are defined by a mystical story. The singer was born in 1920 and was raised by a princess and an official of the Inca Empire. Kali Mutsa was a popular artist throughout South America but disappeared for decades before coming back as a young woman with this work. Sandoje Catiri was a famous movie director of the golden age of Nortino cinema where he had the opportunity to meet Kali Mutsa.

Music Style

Kali Mutsa is definitely a very Alternative band. Their music is heavily influenced by a crossover style that mixes elements from Bollywood, gypsy and Andean music with eclectic electronic sounds. Kali Mutsa's lyrics are also unique because of the combination of Spanish and Romani (gypsy) language.

The music is also charged with lots of sensuality thanks to the band's lead singer. Her acting background is felt throughout the whole EP and injects this work with a nice personality that enhances the overall appeal of Ambrolina.


"Tunupa," which is the opening track from Ambrolina, is also the name of the best song on this EP. It really gives you an idea of everything Kali Mutsa is all about. After the short kind of Kill Bill intro, "Tunupa" quickly moves into a vibrant sound defined by Bollywood and gypsy vibes, which are nicely reinforced by electronic beats. The lead singer's nasal voice adds a lot of personality to this track.

After the exuberating first half, "Tunupa" embraces traditional Andean music, which is highlighted by the tuba sound and the strings and percussion that you can find in this rich genre of traditional Latin music. If you are looking for something different, "Tunupa" is definitely a very interesting track to listen to.

Additional Tracks

After "Tunupa", Ambrolina brings other very interesting songs. Besides the tracks "Parachima" and "Tue Tue," which are two short clips offering some sort of relaxing jungle sounds, this EP includes two tracks I like a lot: "San Cipriano" and "Ton King Dom".

These tracks, which are sort of in between Alternative and Lounge music, maintain the rich combination of sounds that defines Kali Mutsa's production. On the one hand, "San Cipriano" provides a very funky sound that includes a nice chorus as well as pleasant clarinet and violin playing. On the other hand, "Ton King Dom" offers a mystical sound shaped by the beat of the background percussion. In fact, this track produces an atmosphere that kind of reminds me of the sounds that go along religious processions in small towns across Latin America.

I personally do not care that much for the remaining tracks "Jauja" and "El Camello". However, that is just my personal taste. Being a very unique production, I think some people may prefer the music of these two tracks than the ones I mentioned before. In any case, while "Jauja" is definitely an electronic single, "El Camello" offers the most agressive sound of the entire EP.

'Ambrolina' - Bottom Line

Ambrolina is a very innovative and different EP. If you are tired of mainstream music, I recommend you to listen to this work. At the beginning, Ambrolina may appear as a difficult work to digest or fall in love with. However, the more you listen to this EP, the more you like it.

I personally love creativity and innovation and this EP is generous in that way. I also like the singer's personality. Her acting background leaves a nice imprint in each single track and you can tell she is having lots of fun with the music. Kali Mutsa's debut is a nice one. Who knows, it may be the result of the blessings and virtues of Kali Mutsa's native Pachacuti.

Ambrolina - Best Tracks

Record Label: Shock Music Latin
Release Date: October, 2011

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