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Latin Jazz

An introduction to the world of Latin Jazz featuring the artists and music that have defined this genre.

A Brief History of Latin Jazz
An introduction to Latin Jazz history focusing on the roots, development, and pioneers of the Afro-Cuban style.

Latin Jazz Playlist
Featuring a selection of classic and contemporary Latin Jazz songs.

Tito Puente - 'Quatro: The Definitive Collection' Review
A review of the limited edition set celebrating the 90th birthday of the legendary artist Tito Puente.

Five Legends of Latin Jazz
A reference to five of the most iconic Latin Jazz artists in history.

Eddie Palmieri - Artist Profile
Biography of Latin Jazz Pianist Eddie Palmieri.

Machito - Artist Profile
Biography of Latin jazz bandleader Machito.

Mario Bauza - Artist Profile
Bio of the Father of Latin Jazz Mario Bauza.

Ray Barreto - Artist Profile
Biography of Latin jazz musician Ray Barretto.

Bebo Valdes - 'Chico & Rita' (Soundtrack) CD Review
Offering an overview of the soundtrack 'Chico & Rita' from the animated film with same name.

CD Review: Putumayo Presents Latin Jazz
Review of Latin jazz CD - Putumayo Presents Latin Jazz

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