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Latin Music Genres

From salsa to samba, Latin music has a wide array of styles and genres. Find out what they are, where they came from and get suggestions on artists that define the style.
  1. Bolero (5)
  2. Brazilian Music (48)
  3. Latin Jazz (10)
  4. Latin Urban / Reggaeton (28)
  5. Merengue / Bachata (32)
  6. Pop / Rock / Alternative (110)
  7. Regional Mexican (40)
  8. Salsa / Timba (97)
  9. Tango (18)
  10. Traditional (37)

Essential Latin Music Genres
An overview of today's most popular genres, rhythms and styles in Latin music.

Short history of salsa with CD recommendations.

Merengue - From the Dominican Republic to the Dancehalls of the World
Profile of merengue, music originating in the Dominican Republic and spreading through the Caribbean and then, the world.

Tango (Argentina)
Among Argentina's many forms of music and dance, by far the most famous is the tango.

Bachata - The Music of Bitterness
Overview of bachata, music of the Dominican Republic

Bossa Nova (Brazil)
Overview of Bossa Nova, music of Brazil.

Reggaeton - From Puerto Rico to the World
Reggaeton is sweeping the Latin music world with its blend of tropical Latin and reggae rhythms. Today much of the sound comes from Puerto Rico, but you can't keep this music from sailing out to the rest of the world.

Cumbia (Colombia)
Profile of Cumbia, music of Colombia.

Samba (Brazil)
Overview of samba, music of Brazil, including samba-enrede, samba de breque, samba pagode, samba-reggae.

Corrido - History of Mexican Life in Song
Corrido - Overview of Mexico's Corrido

An introduction to the history of Mambo music.

Timba - If It's From Cuba, It's Timba not Salsa
Overview of the uniquely Cuban music called timba.

Vallenato (Colombia)
Vallenato from Colombia

Son (Cuba)
Profile of Son, the quintessential music of Cuba

Plena, Bomba, Seis and Aguinaldo (Puerto Rico)
The people living in the countryside of Puerto Rico are called Jibaro's and their folk music is dynamic, yet more layed back than some of the other islands.

Introduction to Boogaloo with Bobby Marin
An exclusive interview with the legendary Latin Boogaloo producer.

Battle Of The Salsa Styles
Discussion of different styles of salsa from classic salsa through salsa romantica and salsa dura.

Overview of Tropicalia Music with information about the style, artists and...
Overview of the style, artists and impact of the Tropicalia movement in Brazilian music.

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