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Los Amigos Invisibles - 'Repeat After Me' CD Review

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Photo Courtesy Nacional Records

Los Amigos Invisibles - 'Repeat After Me'

Photo Courtesy Nacional Records

The popular Venezuelan band Los Amigos Invisibles, a leading name in the Latin Alternative field, is back with Repeat After Me, a 13-track album featuring the band's own gozadera sound shaped around an irresistible combination of Latin rhythms with Funk, Disco and lounge music. If you want to stay away from mainstream music, I would like to invite you to take a look at the music behind one of this year's most anticipated Latin music albums.

Setting The Mood

After the short, hilarious "intro," featuring a funny announcement where the speaker is unable to pronounce the name of the band, "La Que Me Gusta" sets a good mood for what is coming thanks to its easy-to-listen, refreshing sound.

With "Corazon Tatu," the third track on the album, you finally realize you are listening to Los Amigos Invisibles. This is the point where the traditional Funk (if there is anything 'traditional' about Los Amigos Invisibles) finally takes off. The clapping at the end of this tune adds a nice cool to this song.

Cool Groove

After "Corazon Tatu," the party has already started and it is time to bring some nice groove into the album. Los Amigos Invisibles are able to accomplish this with "Sexappeal," the first English-language track in this production.

The following song, "Rio Porque No Fue Sueno," takes that groove a notch down. Although this track is not one of my favorite tunes, it adds a little bit of variety to Repeat After Me. The next track, "Stay," extends the style of the previous sound with a faster beat. Although the second English-language song on this album sounds a bit mainstream, it still offers a catchy, lounge-like sound that is quite pleasant.

After leaving behind "Stay," it is time for "Mostro," one of the coolest, most innovative tracks in the whole album. This Swing-like tune offers great arrangements and a very catchy sound. With "Mostro" you can see how committed Los Amigos Invisibles are to fusion and musical experimentation.

Weak Side

In my opinion, tracks 8 ("Like Everybody Else") and 9 ("Hopeless Romance") represent the weakest side of this album. They are a bit too simple in terms of its lyrics and music, something that goes against the innovative style of the Venezuelan band. Besides this, they both sound a bit too mainstream.

"Reino Animal"

After leaving behind its weakest segment, Repeat After Me goes back to the sound that has transformed Los Amigos Invisibles into one of the coolest names in Latin music. Besides bringing back that cool Funk that is so much into the band's DNA, "Reino Animal" features irreverent lyrics with the recurring double entendre of several of the most popular songs ever recorded by Los Amigos Invisibles.

The closing segment of the album features "Robot Love" a funky instrumental song and "Invisible Love" a very Disco-like track. Nothing too original there but I don't dislike these tracks at all. Repeat After Me's last piece is "Voltaren Dream," a soft, lounge-like tune, which wraps up the album perfectly.

'Repeat After Me' - Bottom Line

Even though I mentioned a couple of things I am not totally crazy about, I still love this album. Los Amigos Invisibles proved once again why they are one of the coolest bands in Latin music. Repeat After Me not only maintains the band's gozadera alive but also gives us a good hint regarding the band's musical evolution. I can already tell you this is one of the best Latin music albums of 2013.

'Repeat After Me' - Best Tracks

Record Label: Nacional Records
Release Date: April 2, 2013
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