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Mana - 'Exiliados En La Bahia: Lo Mejor De Mana' CD Review

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Photo Courtesy Warner Music Mexico

Mana - 'Exiliados En La Bahia'

Photo Courtesy Warner Music Mexico

After the enormous success of their tour and comeback album Drama Y Luz, the popular Mexican Rock band Mana has released a new compilation album featuring some of the most enduring tracks of their repertoire. The following is an overview of Mana's 2012 production.

An Enhanced Compilation

At first, Exiliados En La Bahia: Lo Mejor De Mana may appear as just another compilation album. However, this production offers more than that. First of all, all the songs included in this work has been remastered. Because of this, the album provides you with a decisive clear and fresh sound that becomes more evident in old hits like "Oye Mi Amor" and "Rayando El Sol." This is something you are going to love about Exiliados En La Bahia: Lo Mejor De Mana.

Second, the album comes in two formats: A standard version featuring 14 tracks, and a deluxe edition that includes a total of 32 hits. The latter also features live version of the songs "Lluvia Al Corazon" and "El Verdadero Amor Perdona," which the band recorded in Argentina during one of the stops of the Drama Y Luz tour.

"Hasta Que Te Conoci"

Apart from the sound and the different editions, Exiliados En La Bahia: Lo Mejor De Mana also includes two unreleased songs: "Hasta Que Te Conoci," the famous hit from the legendary Mexican singer Juan Gabriel, and "Un Nuevo Amanecer."

Soon after its release, the single "Hasta Que Te Conoci" made it to the top of Latin music charts all over the place. Although Mana admitted it was quite challenging to adapt Juan Gabriel's hit to the style of the band, the final product was quiet impressive. As someone who loves the original song, I think Mana did a fine job with this track. This is definitely one of the very best songs of this production.

Featured Albums

Exiliados En La Bahia: Lo Mejor De Mana pays tribute to some of the most popular albums ever produced by the band including their breakthrough album Donde Jugaran Los Ninos, one of the essential albums in Latin music. From that production, this CD includes the tracks "Oye Mi Amor" and "Vivir Sin Aire."

You can also hear singles from other popular albums such as Revolucion De Amor ("Eres Mi Religion" and "Mariposa Traicionera"), Amar Es Combatir ("Labios Compartidos" and "Bendita Tu Luz," featuring Juan Luis Guerra) and Drama Y Luz ("El Verdadero Amor Perdona" and "Lluvia Al Corazon").

'Exiliados En La Bahia' - Bottom Line

Exiliados En La Bahia: Lo Mejor De Mana offers a very nice selection of songs covering some of the most important works ever produced by the Mexican band. However, its sound is what really sets this album apart. In fact, this CD provides a good opportunity to fall in love again with the classics of Mana.

When you are going through this CD, it is easy to forget this is a compilation album. I highly recommend Exiliados En La Bahia: Lo Mejor De Mana to those who are just venturing into Latin Rock and those who are already loyal fans of the most influential Mexican Rock band in history.

'Exiliados En La Bahia' - Best Tracks

Record Label: Warner Music Mexico
Release Date: August 24, 2012
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