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Mana – ‘Drama Y Luz’ CD Review

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Photo Courtesy Warner Music Latina

Mana - 'Drama Y Luz'

Photo Courtesy Warner Music Latina

Drama Y Luz could be the most important Latin music release of 2011. After nearly five years away from the studio, Mana has come back with a solid 12 track album that enhances the style the band has nurtured throughout the years.

Drama Y Luz brings a more mature Rock sound that consolidates the Mexican group as one of today's best Latin Rock bands.

“Lluvia Al Corazon”

Mana introduced Drama Y Luz with the song "Lluvia Al Corazon," which is definitely one of the best tracks from the album. With its defined Rock sound, this single builds up nicely offering solid music arrangements. Fher's voice adds to "Lluvia Al Corazon" that unique style that has characterized the band's long musical history.

From its release date, fans embraced "Lluvia Al Corazon" bringing the song to the top of the charts in one week. In fact, "Lluvia Al Corazon" is one of the few songs that has debuted at the number one spot of the Billboard Latin music charts.

Mana Keeps The Style

Throughout its various songs Drama Y Luz brings back the typical sounds that have shaped Mana's musical style. The album is heavily marked by soft and romantic tunes that include "Amor Clandestino," "Sor Maria," "Vuela Libre Paloma," "No Te Rindas," and "El Verdadero Amor Perdona."

However, Drama Y Luz also includes songs defined by the unique Rock style Mana has forged through the years. Besides "Lluvia Al Corazon," the album includes uplifting tracks like "Mi Reina Del Dolor," which has a Punk sound to it, "Latinoamerica" and "Envenename," one of the finest pure Rock tracks on this album.

Serious Rock

One of the best things about Drama Y Luz is the inclusion of tracks influenced by Hard Rock sounds. In particular, the songs "El Espejo" and "El Dragon," which are pretty much Hard Rock ballads, bring a very nice surprise to this album. Along with "Envenename," these two tracks are quite innovative and give Drama Y Luz a different touch that also reflects Mana's musical evolution.

‘Drama Y Luz’ – Bottom Line

Drama Y Luz is a solid comeback album that preserves the style the band has become known for. The album offers an element of innovation, which is highlighted by a more mature Rock sound that sticks to the roots of this music genre. Drama Y Luz, which is one of the top Latin music albums of 2011, has established Mana as the most influential Rock band in Latin music.

'Drama Y Luz' - Best Tracks

Record Label: Warner Musica Latina
Release Date: April 11, 2010

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