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Top Bachata Artists

A Selection of Top Singers from Traditional and Urban Bachata


During the last years, Bachata music has gained enourmous popularity all over the place. In fact, some of today's top Bachata artists are also some of the most influential Latin music stars in the world. From Bachata pioneers such as Anthony Santos and Raulin Rodriguez to Urban Bachata stars like Romeo Santos and Prince Royce, the following singers are responsible for transforming this Dominican rhythm into one of the most popular Latin music genres.

Anthony 'El Mayimbe' Santos

Photo Courtesy Platano-5167
Photo Courtesy Platano-5167

Anthony Santos is one of the first artists who was able to expose Bachata to a mainstream audience. Considered by many one of the most influential Bachata artists of all time, he changed this genre by adding romantic lyrics into his music. Some of his most famous hits include songs like "Corazon Culpable," "Voy Pa'lla" and the popular Bachata version of Los Tigres del Norte's single "Golpes En El Corazon".

Joe Veras

During the last decade, Joe Veras has been defining the sounds of modern Bachata. In 2004, he was honored by the Billboard Latin Music Awards with the Tropical Airplay Track Of The Year Award. Some of his most popular hits include songs like "Intentalo Tu" and "La Pared". He recently released a nice Bachata version of Lionel Richie's classic hit "Hello".


Photo Courtesy Scott Gries / Getty Images
Photo Courtesy Scott Gries / Getty Images

This popular boy band opened the field for a new sound that ended up defining the roots of Urban Bachata. Aventura was, in fact, the first band to include Hip-Hop and R&B influences into their music. The band became a worldwide phenomenon thanks to the hit track "Obsesion".


This duo from The Bronx is another popular name of today's Urban Bachata movement. The group was formed by singers Danny Mejia and Steven Tejada. Top songs by Xtreme include hits like "Te Extrano" and "Shorty Shorty".

Hector 'El Torito' Acosta

Photo Courtesy Universal Latino
Photo Courtesy Universal Latino

Hector 'El Torito' Acosta is one of the most popular Bachata artists. Besides Bachata he is also a talented singer in the fields of Merengue and Bolero. Some of his best Bachata songs include titles like "Me Voy" and "Sin Perdon".

Luis Vargas

This Dominican artist is an important player of the group of pioneers who exposed Bachata to new audiences. A talented guitarist, Luis Vargas was one of the first Bachata artists to incorporate electric guitar into this genre. Some of his best songs include "Con Los Crespos Hechos" and "Loco De Amor".

Prince Royce

Photo Courtesy Kevin Winter / Getty Images
Photo Courtesy Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Alongside Romeo Santos, this singer from The Bronx is one of today's most popular Bachata stars. Thanks to his debut album and the recently released production Phase II, Prince Royce has captured audiences all over the world. Top hits include "Stand By Me," "Corazon Sin Cara" and "Las Cosas Pequenas".

Yoskar Sarante

Yoskar Sarante has been a leading figure of modern Bachata. His music has been shaped around his romantic songs and style. Titles such as "La Noche" and "No Tengo Suerte En El Amor" are some of the most popular Bachata songs recorded by this popular Dominican artist.

Carlos Y Alejandra

Originally from The Bronx, this duo was formed by Carlos Vargas Franco Jr. and Bianca Alejandra Feliz. Just like all the other stars coming from The Bronx, their music belongs to the Urban Bachata style. Top hits include singles such as "Cuanto Duele" and "Melodia De Amor".

Juan Luis Guerra

Photo Courtesy John Parra / Getty Images
Photo Courtesy John Parra / Getty Images

Although Juan Luis Guerra, one of the living legends of Latin music, is mostly known for his Merengue repertoire, this Dominican artist has also produced outstanding Bachata songs. Some of his most popular Bachata hits include tracks like "Bachata Rosa" and "Bachata En Fukuoka".

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