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Miguel Bose - 'Papitwo' CD Review

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Photo Courtesy Warner Musica Latina

Miguel Bose - Papitwo

Photo Courtesy Warner Musica Latina

Miguel Bose has just hit the market with the same formula he used in his previous work. Following the steps of his hit album Papito, the popular Spanish singer is introducing a new production featuring a collection of some of his most enduring hits. Just like the previous album, Papitwo also includes duets with some of the biggest stars in the Latin music world. Let's take a look at one of the most anticipated Latin Pop albums of 2012.

Outstanding Artists

A big chunk of the appeal surrounding Papitwo relies on the group of artists that Miguel Bose invited to the recording of this album. Some of the most famous artists in this production include megastars like Juanes, Alejandro Sanz, Juan Luis Guerra and Joaquin Sabina.

This 14-track CD also features the famous Italian stars Tiziano Ferro and Jovanotti who joined Miguel Bose in the tracks "Mirarte" and the legendary hit "Amiga." One of the hottest duets in this album is "Decirnos Adios," a track featuring the famous Spanish actress Penelope Cruz. By the way, I have to say I was very surprised by the lovely singing of Penelope Cruz in this single. No wonder why Miguel Bose had already approached the actress when he was preparing his previous work.

A Solid Remake of Hits

One of the best things about Papitwo is that the sound of the memorable hits included in this album is quite different from the one you can hear in the original versions. Thanks to classy musical arrangements and the styles of the different artists featured in this album, these tracks are innovative without losing the essence and flavor of the original songs.

With the exception of the tracks "Decirnos Adios" and "Con Las Ganas De Decirte," all the songs of Papitwo belong to Miguel Bose's rich repertoire of hits. Overall, this compilation offers a soft and pleasant sound, which is a bit different from the more vibrant beats of Papito.

'Papitwo' - Bottom Line

Producing a follow up album after having placed a hit work in the market is always a tough challenge for any given artist. That challenge is even bigger if the follow up production maintains the format of the previous work. Having said this, I think Miguel Bose met the expectations that were placed on Papitwo. The status of the Spanish singer and the talented group of artists that he selected for this work helped him to produce a solid work.

Papitwo offers a nice and pleasant selection of duets that will definitely appeal to Latin Pop fans. Miguel Bose has proved once again why he is one of the most talented and professional artists in the Latin music industry.

'Papitwo' - Best Tracks

Record Label: Warner Musica Latina
Release Date: September 4, 2012
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