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2008 Latin Grammy Nominee Listening Booth


With 49 categories, it's impossible to sample all the music that has been nominated for the 2008 Latin Grammy awards, but here you can sample the singles in the various categories to catch the flavor of the best of 2008 - according to the Latin Recording Academy.

1. Best Short Form Video

Here are this year's nominees for 'Best Short Form Video' which means it's a video of a single track rather than a DVD of something like a live concert. The entries are from Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Paris & Los Angeles, but all the videos are fun to watch.

2. Record of the Year

The 2008 Latin Grammy nominations are in and here are videos of the nominees for "Record of the Year." It doesn't look like there are any big surprises on the list but this is a chance for you to catch-up on the singles that took the Latin Academy by storm.

3. Best Tropical Song

The award for "Best Tropical Song" is one that honors the composer rather than the performer. For 2008, while 2 of the 4 nominated songs are from Gilberto Santa Rosa's Contraste, they were written by different composers.

4. Best Regional Mexican Song

Here are the nominees for Best Regional Mexican Song, an award that goes to the tune's composer. Two of the 4 entries are from Freddie Records, the Texas record label that seems to define some of the best in Tejano music. Joan Sebastian as performed by Vicente Fernandez are no surprise but I was a little surprised at the last entry, a pop ballad from the popular group Los Temerarios.

5. Best Urban Song

Here are the list of nominees for this year's 'Best Urban Song" and as you listen to the songs you can hear the changes that popular urban music is going through as it strives to add numbers to its audience. In fact, when you compare the songs to last year's nominees, it seems that urban music is softening up a little in both the lyrics and the addition of a little bit of pop flavor to the music. Or maybe it's just the tunes that were selected?

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