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New Releases for January 22, 2008


Here are my picks for this week's notable new releases.

1. Andres "El Macizo" Marquez - Adrenalina En Las Venas

Marquez is a young singer from Los Angeles, although he lived with his parents in Jalisco, Mexico until he was 7 years old. Singing a variety of norteno/banda tinged music, he focuses on contemporary themes, especially ballads and the experiences of modern love. In the 'Mexican Regional Music' world, this is an artist that's going places (he currently has more than 20 all-girl fan clubs).

For those new to "El Maciso", you can watch him perform at Andres Marquez MySpace".

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2. Pedro Jesus - Entre La Noche Y El Dia

New York salsero Pedro Jesus had announced this album for October of 2007; I'm not sure why the release date was switched, but it's finally coming out - and still worth picking up.
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3. Putumayo Presents Latin Reggae

I have to admit that when I think of Latin music, reggae does not usually come to mind. But ever since Bob Marley brought international recognition to reggae, there are artists all over the world that have embraced the rhythm and made it their own.

Putumayo has identified artists in Latin America and Spain that have done just that, and put together one of their compilation albums highlighting the popular genre.

4. Soda Stereo - Comfort Y Musica Para Volar (Remastered)

Argentina's premier rock band, Soda Stereo, disbanded in 1997 with all 3 band members going on to solo careers. The most successful was Gustavo Cerati, whose last album, Ahi Vamos gained him two Latin grammys in 2006.

The 1996 album Comfort Y Musica Para Volar is a remastered version of their part live/part studio album that was part of the MTV Unplugged series.

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5. Bronco - Sin Fronteras.. En Vivo

Monterrey, Mexico's Bronco actually disbanded in 1997; since then there have been compilation albums and a number of reunion tours. Sin Fronteras..En Vivo is a live album and I'm guessing it's from one of these performances.
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